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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 47]

I had no idea what i was doing but i take it lol.

But i think i will hand this over to @Nacho

Meanwhile i will go an write up some CSC ideas for next time


Nacho told me that he aint got time. Sooooo @micz233

Yeah sorry for that lol, some things have been going on. So @micz233

im Terrible at hosting events so, @Rise_Comics

I’ll have something up soon

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CSC 20: Dracula Rises

Press Release from Bucuresti Auto - 1994

Bucuresti, seemingly an automaker with a troubled past, is coming off the roaring success of its first new model, the Reluarea. However, in spite of this sales success, Bucuresti is still a relative unknown compared to the Germans, Japanese, and Americans. Which is why, on the insistence of its shareholders and designers, the company has announced plans for a halo model, the Bucuresti Dracula, to generate interest in the brand. To cut costs, Bucuresti has decided to outsource design work to other design studios.

Your company gets the news of the bid, and decides to task you with fulfilling the bid.

Your task: Create a halo car that will generate interest in the Bucuresti Brand


Model and Trim year are both 1996
The car should be a sporty car(Supercar, GT, Muscle, etc.)
Maximum of 2 rows of seats
SUV and Truck bodies are not allowed
The engine should be either a V8 or an I5
Most mods are allowed
Don’t make a meme car unless you actually put effort into it.


There is a lot of flexibility in the rules, but keep it somewhat plausible for the 90s
Experiment with different drive types (FF, MR, RAWD, etc.)
Try to be creative with the color combos(Even the trim can be any color)
Chrome isn’t required, but tasteful application of chrome is appreciated.
Make design elements flow with the body lines
Try to strike a balance between performance and elegance
This is Bucuresti’s badge


You will be judged on design. Engineering will be a factor, but only in how well it flows with the design. A meticulously tuned car is no more likely to win than a car as 90s as possible.


PM your designs to me under this format:
Model Name: CSC20 [Username]
Trim Name: Bucuresti Dracula [Name of Concept]
Family Name: CSC20 [Username]
Variant Name: [Anything]

Bucuresti Reluarea:

Past Bucuresti Models:


CSC 20 - Birth of Dracula inspirations - Google Docs

Submissions start on October 27th, and will end on November 8th

Feel free to ask me any questions regarding the rules.


I-5 turbo mid-transverse Super GT.

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I take this to mean that sticking on a few fixtures whose color has been set to chrome will suffice. However, there were very few 1990s performance cars that actually had any trace of chrome on their bodies, as the document listed in “Inspirations” clearly shows.

Edit: Removed the chrome requirement from the rules

Bucuresti Dracula BAT concept by Spander


Bucuresti Dracula concept by Lünnerden Design



The Bucuresti Dracula SPC8370 Concept by Monarch Motor Corporation:
Look for my Fangs and my Black Cape!!! :rofl:


Bucuresti Dracula by Propeller


How stupid I was to think there wasn’t any fellow Romanian on this board.
I’ll try and make București proud if my spare time permits.

The Bucharest based OME design studio could not pass up the opportunity to put the Bucuresti brand on the world map. Introducing the Dracula in Fiery Orange.

more shots



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Is there requirement or restriction regarding cost? PU or Engineering Time??

Csc is mostly for car design so i don’t think so

No and no. It’s a design csr, and this is a supercar challenge.

Well it is now lol