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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 47]

I could maybe. If it’s about providing a vehicle and comparing the attempts how close they are that’s a thing I could do next week.

But you didn’t even join lmao


Just in case those who got the 1st and 2nd place can’t do it or do not want it.

I don’t think he would allow non-contestants to start the next round, unless there’s a special condition.


It’s ok for me, but I’m not available during the week end, I hope it’s not a problem. I have to think about a car, can you let me tomorow to think about it?


CSC 3 - Keep the legend

We’re in 1982, and Daito , a Japanese car company, must renew the sportier model of the company: The Alissa.
The model is iconic for the company, and Daito must keep this image of an efficient and an emblematic car.
The 1st model of Alissa came up in 1975 with the Alissa GT, and had some fuel eco issues with the petrol crisis of the 70s. The company had to correct the shot with a 2nd phase of the model, in 1979, with a fuel injection.
For the MKII, the engineers have not to fail the launch of the model again, or the company will abandon the concept of a supercar. So the design is very important, and this challenge is only about it.

The car will have an enhanced version of the 2.8L Inline 6 who fitted in the last Alissa, but with a new injection system and a turbo. So you don’t have to design the engine or the suspension. But keep in mind that the ride height and the wheel size must be realistic for 1982, so you better avoid 355 large tires on 19 inches rims stanced on the ground.


  • The car have to be 4 seaters or 2+2, so the body you chose must accept more than 2seaters.
  • The last model is based on a 2.5m coupe, it’s not mendatory but you should stay around these dimensions and body style. It is encouraged to use a 2-3 doors variant.
    *I’ll share you an attempt to design it, with the engine of the old Alissa inside. The engine is not modified for the MKII you’re designing, but you can use it to know if it fits in your engine bay. I won’t look at the service cost of your body choice. And yes, it’s longitudinal.
    *The model and variant year must be 1982.

Help & Suggestions

  • Daito is a Nissan-Toyota-ish Japanese car company, you can see what the others models look like here. If you want some inspiration model, look at 80s Celica Supra or Skyline GTS-R. But any Japanese 80s sportscar can be an inspiration for the company.

  • Even if any Japanese car can be an inspiration for your design, keep in mind that the company is using and abusing of this rear

    Round tailights is not mandatory, but you should stick to the 4 tailights.
    there is some ways to do it, you can try to be original anyway! image

  • The front is not as strict as the rear, you can go for pop up, or not, whatever, if it looks good.
    Anyway, here are some fronts from the comapany during late 70s mid 80s:

    Keep in mind these fronts images are to give you an idea, don’t copy them entirely.

  • The logo is made of 2 long zero inside a chrome circle:image
    you have to use it

My failed attempt+engine file (not required)

If you want to look at what I’m not convinced of, download this file. It also has the basic idea but, meh, I don’t like it, the design is too simple, not to my taste enough… (this car is from an old challenge, the ASC)

Daito - '82 Alissa .car (45.0 KB)


  • The deadline is Monday, 18th March. The deadline can be extended if there is not enought entries until Monday 18th.
  • Please no resub, exept for a rule change/bug.
  • The CSC naming convention:

Model: CSC - username
Trim: Free
Engine: CSC - username
Variant: Free
If you use my engine, don’t rename it please.

You can begin your entry now, but I probably forgot some infos, so I recommend to wait a bit until posting your entry. For any questions or if something isn’t clear about the rules or anything, let me know!


Yeah, maybe you can post some more restrictions? I mean, pricing should be reasonable, engineering time shouldn’t be too long for a japanese manufactured car. Maybe something like no Automatic because sport and such. Makes the challenge, well a challenge.

Its a mostly design based challenge. The only thing you need to worry about engineering wise is visual stuff like ride height and tire size.


Okay then, thanks for the info!

It’s a wonder. Pictured in (what did I call it again) Fuckin brown. Rear bumper is kind of empty, but let’s pretend it’s because above it is really detailed. I ripped off the original design’s retractable tow hook (I think that’s what it was?) because it was neat. The rear hatch’s window can be opened, and it features two arm door holdy thingies instead of one because opening hatch’s with one arm sucks bc it’s really heavy. OH GOD I JUST COPIED THE ORIGINAL BUMPER ENTIRELY. oops. Oh there’s also a little hatch that you can push open so you can put money in tolls on the driver side window. It’s not on the opposite side. The idea is that you push it in, and because it’s a pushy thingy, you can have a full window that rolls down.


I don’t know why it keeps blacking out the number plates.

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Just a really quick kind of base for what i might want to do, needs a touch up though.




The Alissa Z Proposal




I’m thinking of something like this:

Here’s my entry, possibly changing some things.


[Muffled Eurobeat]


Still working on final details, decided that economy car body doesn’t let me do what I want