The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 49]

The Alfora Demone made by Lünnerden Design


i messed around with the filters and stuff

Presenting the V12 TURBO


Katsuro Design Studios Presents the Alfora AUtomotive R1 Concept

Our vision is to make that special car that kids put on their bedroom wall.


I forgot a specific phrase that were on the draft: Alfora HQ is on Italy’s Interior, so, uh, it is actually “italian supercars” but they need to be suitable to Europe and Japanese markets.

It doesnt make actually almost any difference, its just for clarification, but if the people who already submitted want to resubmit, you can, since i need to be equal to everyone.

Alfora Challenger Prototype by Cardinal Tuning GmbH

Comes with a 6.3L Twin Turbo V12, semi slick tires, carbon fiber chassis and a hand-made interior!

Power will be at 1XXX hp and 1XXX lb-ft!


*Prototype shown in Thanos Purple.

Alfora Invictus by LaVelle Studios

Upon Closer Inspection


Alfora Leopard by Atera Studio


Wagenmacher Ceberus

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Alfora Parallax by Innovation Design

Alfora SuperAero by Propeller


Lot’s of faffing later…


Some beautiful designs here :heart_eyes:

Alfora Hinode GTF design di Fercia

juicy stuff


Alfora Galvion by Avantii Graphic Design


Almost 24 hours for the deadline
well, you still have time to send me something if you want to
and i havent received the entries from

1990 Alfora-Moreno Viento Roadster



1990* Alfora-Bradford Speciale-15



1990 Alfora GT 860-4

More pics


1990 Alfora Nimbus Concept


(the conversation works that way: First, they show the front photo, then, the rear, as the order appears. This was the way i found to dont pollute too much the thread, but all the conversations were written in a line, so i would appreciate if you read everything.)

CSC 27: A new Decade, A new Halo | Reviews

February 1st 1989 | Some location in Maranello's interior

1 month after the email was launched, David, the CEO, Erick, The Chief Designer, two of the big Investors(I1 and I2) of the company were united in Alfora HQ, which was passing for changes to get more space for more staff. They had a hard job: choose one of the designs that came from the best studios all around the word.

Alfora Arrow 3.5TT by HPS - @abg7

  • David: So here is the Arrow 3.5TT concept, by HPS, i liked that front with its subtle and simple thinking, that hood vent could be bigger and more rad, since its a supercar, but not a problem

  • I1: the front looks ok even it being too normal, for me its worth to consider

  • Erick: why our name is in such a big grill , the rear seems poorly made , the car itself isnt bad, the front looks nice even being normal but that rear seems bad and just sporty, not the super we want.
  • I2: and it stop revving at the power peak, that is quite a strange thing. Btw, i think the rear definitively kill it, and we dont have time to make a new one. Next one please.
  • I1: yeah, I agree, sadly its a pass.

Alfora Demone By Lünnerden - @randomtuner

  • David: This one is by Lunnerden. They called it Demone. that’s a fucking mess and it has a 10L engine, wtf

  • Erick: Pass for the sake of god, that front is just a bunch of things together, and what is that light, i have never seen it, it exists or is just a concept light???

  • I1: show the rear pl0x

  • Erick: ok ok it looks not as bad as the front and could do with some work, but still a mess, it cant even fit a plate, pass.

Alfora V12 Turbo - @OME

  • David: This is Definitively incredible and nice looking, is such a bold and radical look, without being too extreme-y, it looks pretty fancy, who sent us was a designer, not a studio, and its called V12 Turbo

  • I2: Wow! Perfect, we have our new car?

  • David: Eeeh, not exactly

  • Erick: If that rear was slightly different man, that way it just look as a face, and its not in a good way as the front looks like an Alien, thats pretty sad.

  • I1: Yep, sadly its a pass, i loved that front, man. If that taillight was different, it would definitively be a contender for this, im truly sad.

  • David: Definitively me too, i would love to see that car produced the way it should be, but we dont have time for that, so we need to be fast.

Alfora R1 by Kazuro - @FitRS

  • David: This one is the R1, by Kazuro Design. Thinkings?

  • I2: It should be named Blobfish.

  • Erick: Definitively, but well, its not bad too, even coming with even the blobfish nose. It could go for a more strange looking and this all-around glass is truly noice and seems like a OVNI, thats rad.

  • I1: They used their time to make a all-around glass and forgot to make a proper rear. I think this is a disease in all the design studios, its not possible, they just put a square light on the back? Wtf

  • David: That ventilator too, its a bit overkill, the wing is nice too but eeeeh, no, sadly. It dont have a place for proper plates too, even on the front. That wheel is easily changeable, not a problem too, but that choice, wtf??Pass

Challenger 1 by Cardinal Tuning GMBH - @matthew51345

  • David: Cardinal Tuning sent the Challenger 1, and well, its just a normal simple car.

  • Erick: In a pretty wtf color

  • I1: Lets give it a chance, show us the rear

  • I1: ok, that lower part is pretty ok but the rest is just a squary mess with 1600hp, its not even possible to achieve that, next please.

Alfora Parallax by Innovation - @Rise_Comics

  • David: This is Parallax by Innovation, and i think they innovated with this vertical mirror as this would be a truck, there is no reason why this thing is that way.

  • Erick: hMmMm that front is pretty ok, even that lights being too big, a pop-up of that size seems strange and everything, but well, still considerable.

  • Erick: Are we in 1979?

  • David: Yep, that side vent is strange too, lets see the next concept.

Alfora Cerberus by Wagenmacher - @Slyo_vom_Pluto

  • David: what is this front??? its just a bunch of things thrown together, again. Btw, that is Cerberus, by Wagenmacher.

  • I2: That popup is way too big, hm???

  • David: well, it seens like they used all the budget on the rear, the taillight is quite nice here, but the other things are just over the top, look at how much things just thrown. Can we already see the other? That next one seems like a nice one.

Alfora SuperAero by Propeller - @Mikonp7

  • David: This one is quite different from everything we will see today. Its the SuperAero, by Propeller. Thoughts?

  • Erick: Wow, its pretty bold without being too chamative. I think its perfect for the 90’s

  • I1: Wow, that Rear fits the front pretty well, definitively a contender.

  • Erick: That grilles between the blinkers are rad, as well as the whole car. A contender for me too.

Alfora Galvion by Avantii - @EnCR

  • David: That is the Galvion, sent for us by Avantii. That front is quite minimalistic and do that in a beautiful way.

  • Erick: I agree, that front is quite nice, it could have a big vent on that hood, but not a problem. I really dont understand that grey thing below the blinker, since it could be a real vent, but yeah, not a problem too.

  • I1: Ok i think we have a epidemy here.

  • David: Pass?

  • I2: Please.

Alorfa Hinode GTF by Fercia - @MGR_99

  • David: Man, gorgeous, thats why i have to say about that one, that thing is just a incredible machine. Its the Hinode GTF, made by Fercia

  • I1: This definitively looks like a bigger brother of Hare, and way much insane, a good one to be our Halo one.

  • Erick: Im excited for this rear view, show it fast please

  • I2: Oh my man, a contender. This rear just has everything in place in a rad way.

  • David: oh… dunno, its just too much sport-y, but ok, a contender. And that guys mispelled wrong the Alfora name, it came as Alorfa :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: we had to fix it before the photos, but that car is simply incredible, not even a fault.

Alfora Invictus by Lavelle - @titleguy1

(The car reseted the morphs, so i will use titleguy photos here)

  • David: This one is interesting, the Invictus, made by LaVelle. Its pretty different from anything, i like it.

  • Erick: I dont like how the lines flow between the headlight and the blinker, but its a minor concern i think. we have to valuate it.

  • I1: That rear is quite unique, its strange, but it has it beauty. I think its a contender.

  • I2: For me is a contender too.

  • David: Ok, a contender so.

Alfora Leopard by Atera - @HybridTronny

  • David: this one is pretty japanese, and looks japanese in a good way. Its the Leopard, sent by Atera.

  • I1: what a sleek front, rad.

  • Erick: It would take the people’s attention with that front, definitively, nice and well made.

  • Erick; HmMmMM that back dont follow the front, don’t know, i think it could be better, that amount of vents is just over the top, it could have other things, not only vents, and that reverse light should be horizontal, but, still a contender.

Alfora YX12 - @Sky-High

  • David: Now, its the YX12.

  • Erick: wow, its pretty rad even being blobby, that 2 scoops on the roof makes everything better, the front is simple, but it do the job in a good way.

  • I1: Why there is a grille between the lights, again? If it was not that, would be a simple and nice thing, but ok, it doesnt make it less beautiful, a contender for me.

  • I2: Agree.

Alfora-Bradford Speciale 15 - @yurimacs

  • David: Holy. fuck. that one is rad. I think we have the chosen one

  • Erick: We’re not in 79, wanting a 80’ halo car, David.


  • Erick: WE’RE NOT IN THE 80’s

  • David: so wait to see the rear


  • I1: WE’RE NOT IN THE 80’s

  • Erick: BUT

  • I2: NO!

Alfora GT860-4

  • David: ok, that is the GT860, presented by ARN. Another simple front that works pretty well.

  • Erick: Yeah, its truly well made, i think there should be a glass protecting the lamps, so its harder for it to broke.

  • I1: The unproper rear disease attacks again, wtf is this taillight??? its too much square and everything, doesnt make any sense

  • Erick: Pass

Alfora-Moreno Viento Roadster - @CC9020

  • David: Guys, this is the Viento.

  • Erick: HmMMm that headlight is quite big and i think its too square-y, but not a big problem. The front itself is well made. Let’s see the rear.

  • I1: Wow, this rear is art.

  • I2: this reverse light looks like a wart.

  • Erick: Oh common, its not a big problem too, that taillight is just rad. Its pretty amazing and we could fit the reverse light there. There is some things over the top in the bottom part of the rear, but nothing as big, i love it.

  • David: me too, a pretty good contender.

Alfora Nimbus Concept - @thecarlover

  • David: Holy. God.

  • Erick: What???

  • David: Just give me a sec.

  • Erick: Why??

  • David: See that goddamn thing. Its just Perfect.

  • (actually the front photo should be here, not on the top, but well, it was too beautiful to broke the chain)

  • I1: Wow.

  • David: it has all the curves needed for our 90’, even on a quite square body, that front resembles the V12 Turbo, that had a pretty good front. the car seems thought bit by bit with love, and italianism. That mirrors all over the roof is pretty conceptual too, everything in that car just fits.

  • I1: wait, we need to know if the rear epidemy dont had catch the studio that made that one, that i dont even know the name

  • David: Oh, and its called Nimbus.

  • Erick: A contender?

  • I2: A contender.

  • David: Okay, this was the last car. So, let’s take a break, eat something and get back here to decide what one we will choose? We need to decide it the fastest possible.

And so, everyone went for a break.
2 hours later, they reunited again and after 4 hours of conversation about technical things and the design, they had come to a consense:

Nimbus is definitively what Alfora want to look like in the 90’s, it is modern, but still carries a heritage. All that curves show love in the design, and, even being subtle, its still bold and aggresive(in a good way). The technical part of it is exactly the same. Using Pop-ups was not obligatory here, but would help a lot, since almost every 1990 Alfora Car has one. The fault of SuperAero was being conservative, a thing that Nimbus dont suffer from. And if the Hinode was less sport-y, it could be the first, and it looks a bit overdated too. Viento sins for his conservatism, specifically on the front fascia.

@thecarlover - 1º
@Mikonp7 - 2º
@MGR_99 - 3º
@CC9020 - 4º
@titleguy1 - 5º
@HybridTronny - 6º
@Sky-High - 7º

So uhhhh, right now im pretty tired and really need to sleep, if there is any doubt or complaint about the judging, leave it here or on my PM.