The Cyberpunk photoscene mod collaboration project : Cyberville

Some days ago I started working on a cybercity, I asked people for some ads and logos to put them in it, and I had an idea. What if anyone could send ads, logos, or buildings, as well as suggestions?

The project is still in its early stage, the prototype works ingame, now it is time to make it look more detailed, more alive!

More pictures

the helipad :

blender version :


This strongly reminds me of Bladerunner 2049, when the main character is in the city area.

Maybe some (more appropriate?) photos / wall images like this, or maybe moving. Who knows.

Also I have no idea how much of a pain in the ass this is, but maybe a little less lights on some of the buildings? At the moment it feels like glow city from beam, and less like a real thing. Just my opinion, here is a photo again.

Still, I look forward to this very much! Keep it up :smiley:


Some branding for @chiefzach2018 I did, thought the logos will fit the aesthetic of the scene.

The two are related so it would be nice if they’ll be somewhere close to each other. Idk if the logos should have a background so I’m uploading transparent PNGs, if you’ll be adding the backgrounds they should be just black

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Sure, I can add to that.

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Couldn’t agree more with that. In fact, it also reminds me of CSR 88, which had a similarly futuristic theme.

You can send me logos, ads (not only for cars, let’s get creative!), or even buildings.
But you can also send me animation for giant screens! It just needs to be in a grille pattern on one file, some softwar do that for you (photoshop I think, as well as piskel or asprite).
Here’s a link on how it works if you’re interested -->
As for buildings, keep in mind that it should be more than 500m.

Last precision : Language in the adds or billboard can be any language you want, Japanese, English, Russian or french, it doesn’t matter! Cyberville is so culturally diverse there is no dominant culture.

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I forgot to add some test progress pictures. Buildings are now more detailled.


An update to the project!

Since I found the scene messy, and not practical for photoshoot, I decided to reorganize the whole level. It’s now 25% street and 75% city landscape. Now depending on the point of view, you can either have one of the two for your picture without having to change your car place.

Here is how it currently looks like.

I’m using animated textures to put a bit of life in it.


The scene is still very WIP, and a lot needs to be done to make it work properly as a photoscene.

Oh! I forgot to say that most of the new neon signs were made by XenoYparxi, many thanks to him! If you want to give me signs, remeber that I need like vertical and horizontal neon signs, I have already enough company billboards. You can also submit simple monochrome text and image for the holographic rotating banner thing if you want.

If you have any suggestion on any part of the project, don’t hesitate to share them, I’m still open to ideas!



More neons, more lights.


Cyberville, here I come!

A first version of the photoscene is now available on the workshop!

Don’t hesitate to share your best screenshot here if you want!

Many thanks to all the people that helped! Mainly XenoYparxi, who made most of the pretty signs in the scene.

Some more pictures

And take some music to go with it : luxury elite : world class - YouTube


After some testing, I’d like to make a suggestion. Could you please look into making it a little less resource intensive? Maybe removing geometry and textures from the back and top of the outmost buildings that will never be used in photos for example. There’s plenty of known memory saving tecniques in classic game analysis channels on yt, like Vintage Modern Gaming, or Coding Secrets. Thanks for the great work on the scene!

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Loving the scene. BTW, are you able to make a photo spot on the highway? Cars can be dragged there but stay some meters above the asphalt.

Well the issue is the highway never was meant for cars to be shot on to. It’s not very detailed, textured or even lit, plus the traffic is going to make it hard.

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Highway is limited for hover-car use only.

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