The Evolution of the Canmo Kestrel - 1964 to current

From playing around and from discord competitions, I pretty much have a full evolution of the intermediate car in my Canmo brand, the Kestrel. Going to post all the generations below, starting with the 1964 Canmo Gannet. The Kestrel followed in 1974, but took the Gannet’s place in the lineup and shared styling cues.

1964 Canmo Gannet

1969 Canmo Gannet
A mild facelift bring more rear seat headroom, more trunk space and a refined front end.


1974 Canmo Krestel MK1. Downsized - still rear wheel drive but now powered by a 2.2L 4.

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1978 Canmo Kestrel MK2. Mild facelift brings rectangular lights; carry over engines.

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1982 Canmo Krestrel MK3. Major facelift with modified greenhouse and larger trunk. 2.2L is refined for better fuel economy.

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1986 Canmo Kestrel LE MK4

New larger FWD platform is introduced for ‘86 - the LE is powered by a more powerful version of the 2.2L.

1986 Canmo Kestrel Executive MK4

The new Executive trim brings fancier looks and more power - same 2.2L but with a Turbo. Up front retractable headlights with running lights on the lids give a futuristic, narrow headlight look.


Being built on one of the Commoner body sets, the '86 Kestrel (especially the Executive trim level) has a sleeker, more modern feel to it compared to its predecessors, and the turbo engine on the Executive makes it quite a sleeper.

1990 Canmo Kestrel LE

Updated to composite headlights. The LE gets a power post with the Turbo 2.2.

1990 Canmo Kestrel Executive

Also updated with composite headlights, the Executive gains a new 3.8L V6.

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In 1994, the FWD Kestrel carries on as the Sport, while the executive moves to a new larger RWD platform.

1994 Canmo Kestrel Sport

1994 Canmo Kestrel Executive


Canmo as a whole (not just the Gannet and Kestrel) deserves a thread all its own, in the Car Design Sharing subforum.

Anyway, I know the Kestrel Executive is built on the smaller of the Crown Vic body sets (2.7m wheelbase), but to me, it looks like the smaller FWD Sport is most likely based on the second smallest of the Commoner body sets (2.6m wheelbase).

1998 Canmo Krestrel Sport

New face for the Sport with a split grille; carry over Turbo and a host of mechanical refinements.

1998 Canmo Krestrel Executive

The Executive also receives an substantial update with similar headlights. Carry over engine.


2004 Canmo Kestrel 5 MK8

In this new generation, the regular Kestrel is now a 5-door hatch and FWD, while the Executive is on the same platform but RWD and now with V8 power.