The Fast and the Furious Challenge. Results!

You heard the man, you blew up the car he won from you and now you’ve got to get him another, it’s gotta be fast and we’ll pretend you don’t have a FBI budget so it’s gotta be cheap too.


  1. Year: any year up to 2015.
  2. Cover the Tulsa quarter mile in under 10 seconds.
    EDIT 3. Runs on pump gas ( regular unleaded/premium/super)
    EDIT 4. You’ve got to be able to finish without him and Jessie having to rip apart the block after each race, so engine and overall reliability each have to be above 5.
    That’s it*

Cheapest car gets 30 points, next gets 25…ect
[Important Note] production units will be counted at a rate of $19 per unit

  1. 30
  2. 25
  3. 20
  4. 15
  5. 10
  6. 5

Quickest car: same point system

  1. 30
  2. 25
  3. 20
  4. 15
  5. 10
  6. 5

The winner will be the one with the highest combined score. In the event of a tie, the faster time will be used as a tie breaker.

Deadline for this will be February the 23rd.

[size=150]Edit confidentiality clause, as I have assigned no set values for cost or time I expect these stats to remain secret until the deadline, anyone sharing times or costs will be penalized 1 point, not much but enough to break a tie. Repeat offenders will be shot by Vince. [/size]

[size=150]RACE WARS ENTRY LIST[/size]



  1. Strop 45
  2. Sayonara 40
  3. Xfader 30
  4. hellboy 25
  5. HighoctaneLove 25
  6. Doncornaldie 20
  7. RaduST 20
  8. 3rayman3 5

I’m open to suggestions on scoring changes, and any other questions or ideas.

  1. A 10 second car actually means a car that can do the 1/4 mile in under 11 seconds. Actually raging from 10 flat to 10.99.
  2. I have the feeling that if I turn up with a 10s Skoda Felicia, Don will try to kill me. Just a suggestion: Maybe you should impose some rules on the allowed body type; minimum wheelbase or sth similar.
  3. I’m pretty sure I will enter this :smiley:

1.“I live my life a quarter-mile at a time. Nothing else matters. Not the mortgage, not the store, not my team and all their bullshit. For those ten seconds or less, I’m free.” I know that, but Dom feels otherwise.
2.“No faith? Pop the hood.” I want to see all the crazy creations, from a spoon powered crx, to a big block 70’s 4 door, to a xj220 powered ford transit, whoa wait mixing up my references here but you get the idea.
3. Can’t wait to see it.

This, will be awesome. Time to POWAAAAAAAA

Slight update to op.

Alright, time for a low-rider Eldorado with something funny going on underneath!

(Once I finish making it cheaper, that is.)

Nice racing strips, I can already feel their added power.

I think strop found his calling…lol :smiley:

Yeah man, ever since I tried to play around with this thing called “tameness” and make “more balanced” cars for the track tournaments, I haven’t been doing as well as usual in the tournaments. It’s time to cut loose and return to form for a bit! :laughing:

Thanks To Strop, the voice of reason, we have a new rule.

I don’t want to see this, so you’ve got to keep all reliabilities above 5.

Tameness is for the feeble. :laughing:


edit: I decided to take the lightweight approach

I am so trying to build a car for this.

PMC will build a 10 second car or die trying!

So here’s a little something i’m working on… I call it…Death. :smiling_imp:

The Shark-PMC GT Sedan Drag Deluxe is THE sleeper car.

A 10 second Zoope would be awesome.

5 entries so far, I have not started tech inspections yet but for those that pass I will try and post a little outline with impressions about each car after the deadline.

We need more entries! MOAR POWAR! Come on guys, niall’s like the king of quarter mile, give the man some love!