The Getaway

So, the boss calls and tells you it’s a bank job. Awesome. It’s simple, it’s easy. You’ve done this a dozen times. You’ll be done in 10 minutes and be home in time to watch Walking Dead. All in all, a great weekend. Expect, he tells you his brother wants his son in on the action. He says it will be good for him. Says it’ll “grow him up.” God dammit. So, you call the boys and you meet at the usual place. A diner not far from your house. They have great coffee. Anyway, 15 minutes after planning starts, the newbie walks in. This fat fuck. He tells you his name is Kevin, and he’s excited to be a member of the team. Fucking Kevin…

As per the usual arrangement, all four of you will take separate cabs to get the the destination, whereupon a nondescript escape vehicle will be waiting . Unfortunately, your go-to car guy is at the game and can’t be reached. Luckily, Kevin… Fucking Kevin… Says he “knows a guy” who can help. So, you give that bastard a call and he says he’s not sure what he’s got but he’ll have something there for you. Begrudgingly, you accept this and call the Cab company. Like clock-work, all four of you arrive on time, 6 minutes apart at the target bank. You dawn your clown-masks, pop the slides on your M4s, grab your kit and get to work.

5 minutes in, and the vault is open, and everything is going smoothly. The civ’s are tied down, the phone lines are down and everything is peachy. When Kevin… Fucking Kevin… Trips on his boots and face-plants on the linoleum. In doing so, his weapon discharges and punches a hole through a security-guards’ knee. Shortly thereafter, shit goes south. The cops are notified when the coffee shop next door heared the shot and they’re on their way. It’s time to pop-smoke and beat it. So you grab your gear, your loot, and make your way out back to the escape vehicle.

Go here to roll, and PM me your two numbers, and I will send you the vehicle.

(1-24) Option A
(25 - 50) Option B
(51 - 75) Option C
(76 - 100) Option D

Roll From 1 - 100 to select vehicle
Roll From 1 - 100 again, to select a gearbox.

Manual gearboxes allow for a higher top speed, so keep that in mind.

You are not allowed to modify the vehicle beyond the following.

Calculate the total weight of your haul, and modify the body and interior to compensate.
Four adult males with an average weight of 180lbs each. Except Kevin, fucking Kevin… who weighs 210.
Total weight of 4 weapons, 40 lbs
Total weight of ammo and supplies 80 lbs
Total weight of cash stolen 300 Lbs, which is equal to roughly $13,620,000
All of this weight totals at 1170 lbs. Add this to the total weight of your car.

Drive from West Palm Beach to Virginia Key, which is in Miami, to reach the container ship to escape. Which is a total distance of 76.4 Miles, which takes approximately 1 Hour and 19 Minutes at legal speeds.

You will be given a 3 minute head-start against a swarm of 15 police cruisers.

The police vehicles will be using standard Ford Crown Victoria Interceptors which have 250 HP and a 0-62 time of 5 seconds; with a top speed of 120.

For the sake of simplicity, the police will not be using any other vehicle and will not be calling Air-Support.

Map out the path of least resistance using Google Maps
At every intersection, roll from 1 - 10 to determine safety risk
At the lowest risk level. gun it and go, at the highest you must stop and wait and incur a penalty of 15 seconds. Decrease the time penalty by 3 for every number less than 10. So, 10 = 15, 9 = 12, 8 = 9, 7 = 6, 6 = 3, 5 = 0…

In the city, if you feel like Paul Walker and decide you want to try something stupid, like power slide around city hall, roll from 0 -10 to determine whether or not it worked. The higher the number, the more successful.
To deal with the fact that I don’t want to try and figure out what the speed limit is on every street in two cities, assume that every road that doesn’t count as a freeway is 30 MPH, and freeways are 65. Use this to get a feel for how fast you think you should be going.

Try to avoid freeways if possible while in the city core, as they will be packed. It’s rush hour. If they are unavoidable take solace in the fact that neither you, nor the cops, can move. Add an additional 5 minutes per mile traveled on the freeways until you get out of the city.

As you get out of town and enter longer stretches of road, you will randomly encounter hazards. Upon leaving the city, roll to determine frequency of these hazards. (0 - 10, with 10 being every 10 miles and 1 happening only once.)
Roll to determine if they are road construction, stalled cars, debris or even road blocks. (0 - 24 = Stalled Cars or debris; 25 - 50 = Construction; 50 - 75 = Road Blocks)
The number you get after you roll will also determine the intensity of the hazard. So if you roll a 3, it’s an easily avoidable issue, and nothing to worry about. If it’s a 74 you’re fucked.
If you get construction, add a 2 minute time penalty for every increment of intensity.

Calculate total mileage using your vehicles fuel economy to calculate stops.
Use this site,, if you need to convert miles to kilometers.
Use Google Street View to find fuel stations. Assume your vehicle has an 11 gallon fuel tank which takes 5 minutes to fill.

Remember that 60 MPH equals 1 mile per minute. So, to extrapolate: 30 = .5 MPM; 60 = 1 MPM ; 90 = 1.5 MPM; 120 = 2 MPM ; 150 = 2.5 MPM; 180 = 3 MPM
Use this to measure the distance relative to the cops chasing you.

You will fail if your vehicle is totaled. Unfortunately, we’ll have to use the Honor system

The winner is the one who boards the container ship in the least amount of time.

Use a series of screen-grabs to show your progress. Use paint or something to draw a red line that identifies your path, and use symbols of some kind to identify road blocks or other issues.

TL;DR Roll for a car and a gearbox, rob a bank, fuck that up and drive through south Florida to escape.

Where’s The Transporter when you need him!?

This appears to be the first tournament that is heavily reliant on random number generation! I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out!

What’s the deadline? I’d like to give this a good shot but will get uprooted a bit for a while in the next few days.

p.s. what’s the deal with the speed limits on the street? How should this factor into calculating how fast we can drive, given we’re going to be trying to go hell for leather? (Also what’s the deal with robbing a bank at peak hour, who the hell made up that kind of a plan lol). And how do we calculate how fast the cops go?

As of right now, we’ll make the deadline November… 15th.

Use a risk-multiplier for every 10mph over the speed limit, up to a maximum of 15. So, an RM of 15 means youre travelling at 150 mph more than the speed limit. For every 10 mph over you travel, increase the chances of ahit going south by 10. Yes, this will apply to cops.

Next question: how do we calculate fuel consption, given economy figures quoted are for mixed civilised driving, and not “oh shit the cops let’s cheese it” driving?

Let’s assume the quoted fuel economy is for between 2500 and 3000 RPM. Use this do some math. So at 2500 RPM, In your final gear, you’re doing 60 and getting 23 MPG. at 5000 RPM assume youre getting half that.

Easy mode: leave out gear ratios.

Pro mode: Do some slight adjustment for each gear. Final drive is quoted milage. Each lower gear drops the milage by 7%. So if you have five gears, and a quoted fuel milage of 23MPG at your final gear, 4th would be 21.25 MPG. 3rd would be 19.5. And so on.

Could we hav a worked example? That would be really helpful!

Yea… no. This turned out far more complicated than I originally expected. I’m an idiot.