The Great Archanian Trek - Offroad Endurance and Historical Showcase


You just need to be sure Point A is higher than Point B

Otherwise just clip the car through the ground in photomode to the lowest point of the Rim.


So, the primary reason the T1 classes have such wide variety in engine capacity, (which applies to SxS and Trucks too) is that all vehicles are limited to a top speed of 180kmh (by gearing), and stages have speed limits for classes with Co-pilots/Navigators, which is if I remember right 150kmh for SxS (which are not seemingly represented in the rules (which is good)) and 130kmh for Trucks and Cars.

For simplicity sake, a gearing limitation of 180kmh is probably all you would need.

Trucks I would leave unrestricted, and for the 4x4 and 4x2 classes, I actually found the real wheel that is used by many teams in the Dakar Rally, The BFGoodrich KDR2+ which is a 37x12.5R17 tyre (318/80/R17), so I assume as long as it’s 315 or less on any size rim, it’d work.

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Should there be any limits to how many points can be allocated to a specific area? If so, I would recommend a maximum of 5 tech pool points in any one area.

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Are turbos allowed?

Good suggestion, I’ll add that.

Engine limitation were removed, speed and wheel size limitations introduced.

Though, yes, even before that turbos were allowed.


Thought I’d share something that is probably helpful for people looking at the variety of Car, Truck, and Classic entries in the real events.

Full Dakar Rally 2022 Entry List with 97 Cars, 58 Trucks, and 148 Classics.

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hmmmmm…my question is now how much modification would I need for this to make sense

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Rules, stages and role playing elements updated in the OP!

Deadline for submissions currently stands at 20 January.

2020 Raidsport Bellator

The 2020 Bellator, constructed by Raidsport out of South Africa, is the most recent overland rally raid vehicle built for Rally Raid competition. This chassis - #001 - was sold to long-time collaborator team Wyndon Racing South Africa, run by retired rally raid champion Garton Wyndon.

The Bellator features a mid-mounted 4L V8 derived from a Walkenhorst platform, making 345hp to the rear wheels. On a 2.6m wheelbase, it reaches a limited top speed of 180km/h and weighs 1180kg.

Wyndon Racing SA presents two drivers for this event, both with over 15 years of experience.

The Primary Pilot for this event is :south_africa: Thys van Jaarsveld, a driver whom has 16 years of experience within Raid events, as well as experience in World Rally Championship and World Rallycross events.

The Co-Pilot for this event is :norway: Åge Solbakken, long-time Co-pilot to Thys, as well as occasional competitor in Motorcycle Raid events, with 14 years of experience in multiple disciplines.


Hey little bit confused on in tech points it says max 7 quality points, how much do we have for tech points?


Techpool and quality are two different things (techpool is rather new). Check e.g. the QFC14-16 briefings for some explanations.

It makes sense to set separate rules and limits for quality and techpool to limit cheese.


Ah yes, that, I completely missed that indeed. I’ve added that. Let’s keep that simple for a competition that focusses mainly on design.

What’s the rules for interior (if any) for the historical class? Satnav infotainment at least is obviously not available for older trims…

That is only a requirement for the professional class for that reason.

You are free to choose for the historical class.


What if the car is pre-satnav…like 1970?

Can you enter a retro-mod car, 1970 body year with 2020 engine and trim year?

Historical class: 1980 Mara Kanyon 2.5 Trek 40th Anniversary

On the 40th anniversary of the debut of Mara’s offroader, the Kanyon, in the Great Archanan Trek, Yosiyf Kapitov, CEO of Mara’s performance division AMM, decided to take a former competition Kanyon out of storage and have it restored to the condition from 40 years ago.

The restoration was faithful down to the old flag red competition colour (before there was an AMM and its signature yellow), the period-correct fuel canisters in the old Archanan military colour and the sole sponsorship sticker.

The only concession to the modern times was the addition of a modern rollcage on the inside. To celebrate, Kapitov, a former Archanan rally driver, entered the 2020 Trek himself in the Historical class together with AMM’s motorsport competition coordinator, Susanna Volkova. Their goal was less to aim for a class victory but to celebrate the event and Mara’s involvement over the years with a decent finish in Basara.

Stay tuned for the 4x4 works entry…


1985 Bolland Braford Production Class

The Bolland Braford was introduced in 1978 as Bolland’s first major attempt at a compact, global-sized truck. Like its namesake breed of cattle, it was developed both in the USA and in Bolland’s Australian division, and would be available initially as a 3 door SWB SUV or as a pickup truck available in a variety of lengths. The narrow width and short length of Braford pickup aimed it squarely at the trucks coming from Japan at the time, and Bolland bet big on the new truck with the hope of it proving successful not only in North America, but around the globe, markets that US standard full-size trucks couldn’t crack.

Despite the “Bolland Racing Team” moniker, the truck was actually run by French privateers; Bolland did not yet value the potential marketing of the rally raid success, so when entered in the production class in 1985, it was only lightly modified from stock. Even with some modifications, the 3 liter V6 engine from the Brute trim level produced a rather measly 175 hp, but a rally raid such as this was more marathon than sprint, and the robust, compact, and relatively lightweight Braford proved worthy, tough machine, and would pave the way for factory efforts in later years.


2020 Mara Kanyon Mk3 AMM 4.0 4x4 TREK

Click for historical entry

The actual Mara-AMM works entry will be driven by Mara’s works rally driver Viktor Stigov and his congenial co-driver Boryslav Kuzen.

The TREK Kanyon on a short break at the end of a long testing day in the Dalluhan desert

Earlier the year, the team had finished joint 2nd in the THRS rally series in a works Mara Xenia AMM.

Rear view

Underneath, the TREK competition Kanyon sports a custom-built spaceframe, it has all-aluminium panels and it also does away with the production models’ awkward front transverse layout for a proper longitudinal 4x4 drivetrain and to allow Mara’s AMM-tuned DOHC V8 to fit into the car.

Interior view


From the imagination of DMC, the Sand Ymp.

Drivers are Marcus and Laura Swan. Husband and wife rally team who are board members of DMC.


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