The Great Automation Run | Chapter 16 and final results!

What is the Great Automation Run?

It is the year 1995, and a Cannonball-like illegal race through Europe has just been organized. Starting in Málaga, Spain, and finishing in Athens, Greece, approximately 5600 kilometres of road separate the racers from victory…or defeat. The route goes through various countries.

And what reasons do people have to embark in this odyssey of a race? Simple. The winner will receive 5 million dollars. Sounds good, eh?

Regulations? Concerns, rather.

(Props to @Dorifto_Dorito for most if not all of the rules present here!)

Don’t get us wrong, there’s a couple of regulations your car will have to comply with too.

Regulations (musts):

  • Must be made in the Kee build.
  • Minimum 35 safety.
  • 2 lips, 1 wing limit.
  • Maximum 15 quality points for the trim and engine tabs (overall).
  • The car’s model year must not be newer than 1995. Classics from any era from 1946 to 1995 are allowed.
  • The tuned car must be a trim made in 1995. Engine and drivetrain swaps are allowed.
  • The budget for the tuned car is 17000$ without markup (after modifying it).
  • The cars will be running 95 RON fuel.
  • You need to submit a stock trim and the modified trim.


  • Drivability. The harder your car is to control, the easier it is for the driver to make mistakes. There will be drivability rolls.

  • Your car can break down and suffer damage. You’ll need spares to repair it, the prices of which will be calculated as a base price + a 20% of your production units, which have no limit. The time you lose installing them, in minutes, will be a base time in minutes + 1 second per engineering time unit, which has no limit either. And how will we determine whether your car has broken down or not? We will generate a random number that will be compared to your trim reliability value. If the random number is higher than the reliability, your call will have to roll a 4-face dice. The possible results are:

  • (1) Barely a scratch: no need to repair the car.

  • (2) Minor damage: base cost 50$, base time 3 minutes.

  • (3) Medium damage: base cost 100$, base time 6 minutes.

  • (4) Heavy damage: base cost 200$, base time 12 minutes.

  • Every driver will have 2500$ for their repairs at the start of the race. If you run out of money, the different degrees of damage will make you slower, and heavy damage without money to buy spare parts will mean that the car won’t be able to finish the race.

  • Fuel economy is a concern as well. All the racers will be using a standard 53 litre fuel tank, so achieving a good balance between fuel economy and power is crucial. You’ll have to refuel every time you run out of petrol, and a random number between 3 and 8 will be rolled. The results will be the time, in minutes, that your character takes to refill the tank.

  • This is an illegal race. During certain stages, the cops will show up; if you’re faster than them, you have nothing to worry about; otherwise, you’ll have to roll a drivability check. In the event of the random number being higher than your drivability score, you’ll be pulled over and will lose between 5 to 10 minutes. Each ticket will cost you 75$ as well.

Note: every roll is a number between 0 and 100 except it is stated otherwise.

Naming convention:

Model: GAR - Username.
Trim: Car name.
Engine family: GAR - Username.
Engine variant: Engine name.


Similarly to Automation D, this will be a story driven challenge. Roleplay is not forced on you, but we encourage you to create a character. If you want to do so, you can follow this example (not necessary to follow it either):

Why are they taking part in the GAR?:

Note: as this challenge will be story driven, and will take quite a few calculations, as well as converting the highways into tracks, this challenge will be published one or maybe two chapters per week.


Entrants (player, car, driver):

  • Bastormonger / '88 Dingo Z / Martin C. Toughtower & Wesley McCrackwick.
  • Madrias / '95 Dynamite XR-3 / Marcus ‘Mark’ Acorne.
  • Sillyworld / '74 Perenne MKII / Francisco Quadrado.
  • abg7 / '95 Guardsman 3.0R / Walter Thompson.
  • stickmaster62 / '65 Anaconda MS-343 / –
  • MrComputah / '85 Conquista Mk2 / Kuro Nakahara.
  • Vri404 / '76 Bohrs R / ‘Nighthawk’ & ‘Techno’.
  • cpufreak101 / '70 Communitasia / Karl & Lenin.
  • findRED19 / '68 Barracuda GT / James Carhard.
  • strop / '84 EVO RC / Annabel Herrington.
  • STM316 / '95 Breezer / Sumgit W’thoutaklu.
  • gridghost / '95 Comet GT / Theodore “Teddy” Greenberg.
  • squidhead / '90 Tsukuba / Natasha Kuznetsova & Andrei Kuznetsov.
  • DoctorNarfy / '95 Interval / Theodora Justinian.
  • Deskyx / '94 Fatalita Revoluzione RTS Corsa / MS-1 & NL-2
  • Zabhawkin / '95 T-25L / Otis & Jake.
  • SkylineFTW97 / '81 Thunderbolt / Cindy Lau.
  • accent / '86 Potatismos / Ken Holt.
  • BobLobLaw / '94 Montauk / Blake Worden & Luigi Fillipelli.
  • HighOctaneLove / '77 Bushranger Veloce / Sam Smith & Ben Smith.
  • Stryfe / '95 Chupacabra / Ellsworth Pennybottom III.
  • one85db / '95 Canny / Frank Martin.
  • Sillyducky2001 / '73 C1 / George Robinson.
  • MrChips / '67 330 Turismo / Christoforo […] di Mirano & Pasquale Zoccarato.
  • ramthecowy / '87 Dolphine Sprint-R / Xavier Llobet.
  • DoriftoDorito / '85 Chevallier Interceptor / Johnny & Elliot.
  • DeusExMackia / '86 Scarlet S / Catherine Erin & Julia Deacon.
  • Mythrin / '65 Friala MK1 / Francesca Carminati & Kyle Carter.
  • TheElt / '95 F-219 / James & Jim Goule.
  • Rk38 / '95 Guivre GT-R6 / Lee Eun-ji & Irma Pagnotto.
  • Luilakkie / '95 Invader / Mr. Burnout.
  • Deponte / '95 Hummingbird / –
  • TR8R / '95 Roadcat / EN-0001 & FN-0001.
  • JohnWaldock / '59 700X / Richard Danvers & Lucy Dawes.
  • AirJordan / '95 333 GT3 / –
  • thecarlover / '90 Kanata PX / Mario Villeneuve & Justin Villeneuve.
  • Leo9613 / '95 Chaucer 5.5 Brooklands / Arthur McKenzie.
  • nerd / '71 Grand 490 / –
  • Oskiinus / '85 NRZ-986 / Kenji Shimura.
  • szafirowy01 / '95 Visios XCT / Damien Vaillancourt & Paolo Battista.
  • Detsikeulii / '90 Kiito / –
  • stensen / '95 Cannonnero / –
  • VMO / '95 350 Biturbo / Bunta Fujiwara.
  • 4LGE / '93 Arumina / Tibor Pradowicz & Pascal Bummeler.
  • pHanta / '90 Holyzon / William Borough.
  • LordLetto / '95 Bandito / Eduard Borisowitsch.

ooo a '95 challenge, if this was in UE4 I could have used the Volta M1, but I guess i’ll be making a Galt for it :stuck_out_tongue:


This reminds me of the American Road Trip challenge from last year, but this is a straight race and as such is much closer in spirit to the actual Cannonball Runs of the '70s. At the very least, my interest is piqued…

Hmm, recycling certain overkill CSR car from 1995 might be just perfect for this… :slight_smile:


I might take part, but knowing my RNG luck I’ll certainly come in last place :roll_eyes:


Interesting. Only thing I’d like to know is how would these roads be simulated, you aren’t going to build all the roads from scratch, are you?

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Yes the roads have all been made by @Mr.Computah.

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all 5600km of them?

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:EDIT: Dont listen to me I’m an idiot

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It’s gonna take more than a month. How much, I don’t know exactly, but I’ll try to aim for two stages per week. To clarify: no, I didn’t make all 5600kms of road, I skipped some of the less interesting/relevant for the story roads, even if the fuel consumption will be calculated too.

EDIT: after some calculations, the story will feature the most relevant 400 km.


Allright, but what are we looking at mostly, b roads or highways?

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A combination. There will be some highways, and some B roads.

Time to get the dust off the old Kee version and the Miller Anacondas. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This could be interesting.




I get this is an illegal race, but are there still restrictions as far as loudness and emissions?

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There are none. You can straight-pìpe an engine if you want.

I’m liking the idea of this alot, do we need to send an original car and modified trim variant of the vehicle?

Correct. I forgot to add that; thank you for pointing it out.


Ok thanks that’s gonna make it a bit more interesting.