The great wheel revolution

It would be very interesting if there could be an update where one may add or subtract wheels+axles. It also be cool if you could adjust the size for each individual wheel. Or adjust the tire type or rim size independent of each other. For example, dragsters have big and little wheels; or " bigs and littles". Perhaps not independence for all four (or more) wheels, but at least independence of size and type per axle.

Sincerely, Leonidas; A fellow petrol head.


This game revolves around production cars, so im not sure it would be best fit for such cars

3 wheelers would be possible with this change- plenty of those have been mass-production. A good number of performance cars also have different size wheels front and back.

Yes, but it more focuses on production cars that are bog standard, boring regular cars, not the exceptions-to-the-rule performance or three wheeler cars. Its more of a “Hyundai Elantra over Morgan Three Wheeler” type, favouring regular wheel/tire sizes and four wheels over any oddball configurations.

Here are several weird wheel layouts in production automobiles:

But first, what qualifies as a production car?

According to Guinness, to qualify as a production car, one must build “at least 50 mechanically identical vehicles, and these vehicles must be on sale to the general public.”

More officially, homologation motorsports rules state: ‘For a car to qualify, it must be a production car.’

So an automotive company could “Win on Sunday and sell on Monday.” The cars were produced in initial numbers of 200-300, sometimes less. (Lancia Stratos, for example)

  1. Tyrell P34- Commonly known as the “six-wheeler,” was a Formula One race car designed by Derek Gardner, Tyrrell’s chief designer. The car used four specially manufactured 10-inch diameter wheels and tires at the front, with two ordinary-sized wheels at the back. (18 inches)

  2. G 63 AMG 6x6- To celebrate the thirty-plus years, Mercedes-Benz introduced the new stretched six-wheel-drive system. The consumer reception to the G 63 AMG 6×6 was stronger than anticipated, and Mercedes-Benz sold more than 100 units.

  3. Tatra T815- The vehicles are available in 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 10x8, 10x10, 12x8 and 12x12 variants. This Czech truck was originally designed for extreme off-road conditions, while nowadays, there are also variants designated for mixed-use.

  4. The Peel P50- A three-wheeled microcar originally made from 1962 to 1965 by the Peel Engineering Company on the Isle of Man. It was listed in the 2010 Guinness World Records as the smallest production car ever made.

  5. Morgan F series- Is a model of a 3-wheeled car. It was produced between the mid- 1930s and 1952. Morgan produced approximately 30,000 three-wheelers from 1910-52.

  6. Reliant Robin- The Robin was a very ugly, iconic English three-wheeled automobile that sold over 3,000 units between the '70s and early 2000s.

  7. Lamborghini Aventador S- The Aventador S has different sized wheels from front to back. The fronts are 20-inch rims, and the backs are 21-inch rims.

These are but a few examples of mass-produced automobiles with six wheels, three wheels, and variable-sized wheels.


If you think that Automation is only for “boring” cars, you need to go on Youtube and look up Automation + BeamNG. Or take a look at the Automation Workshop on Steam, there are lots of let’s say “interesting” car bodies and fixtures.

And they are all modded.
you know, with modded stuff you now can do stuff life phones, chainsaws, figther jets or whatever, this means automation will someday be about one of those? No. The game truly mechanics dont get any of these things.
The game has a looooooooooot of things that we, the community, had asked about. But there is some thing(like the one you saying) that would be just too much problably, since it would need a lot of changes, specially in the way the game was meant to be. The game is just not about “special cars that sell 3000 units”, it is about normal boring cars that dont have nothing special.

The whole game revolves around production cars, those other ones are for sandbox messing around and fun. In essence, its mostly about boring cars, hence why theres no duallies or different front-and-rear wheel sizes, or open-wheel bodies (which arent possible to create either), and a corolla or 3 series dont come in 8x8 or other wheel configuration. Please read the FAQ of Automation, it will tell you more.

Ugh, I don’t get this whole argument with “boring cars”. I mean, a 300 hp, mid engined, fibreglass dart is in no way boring, and I’ve sold such cars in the campaign, not forcing it. Hypercars can be easily made with no mods whatsoever, and those can be sold in the campaign too, with some tycoon skill. In short, this game can be about ridiculous cars as well, if the player wants it. And that works.

What this game is NOT about, are cars that break the basic concepts of a production, passenger car. One of those basic concepts is having 4 wheels. And it is that way for the sake of less development work used for totally niche solutions. We could, probably, have 3-wheelers. Or we could, maybe, have hybrids instead (just guessing the amount of work would be similar). Or we could have the grand campaign with trading whole companies and competitors being actual reacting and developing manufacturers, not a bunch of individual cars. Which one would be the most impactful for the whole game? Most used? Yeah, I guess not the first one.

Yes, supercars sometimes use differently sized wheels front to back, and we partially have that, maybe could have it fully, but this is a very minor thing, and this game consists of hundreds of such minor things and we can’t have them all.


Yes, this