The "guess-what-car" game 2

No haha

Hyundai i20?

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haha no

Hint hint, only automatic gearbox was available.

Saturn Aura?

A great guess but you’re wrong.

Chevy Malibu?

Toyota Will VS?

no x2

Opel Tigra?

Toyota Yaris?

Both wrong

Peugeot 607?

Mmm no


EV version was also made

bigger picture


Chevrolet Spark?

Good guess but no

This is Hilbert. What makes you believe that this vehicle is from a country that even exists?


Because it looks like both a Chevy and a Toyota at the same time, the clear design era but being available EV and me not knowing about some early modern EV it has to be some less known Chinese marque from the peak copying days (00-10’s, they’re mostly past that and the companies that still copy mostly copy local larger brands, I.E Chery copying Lynk & Co) who took an early leap into EVs around the same time BYD and Roewe were starting with that stuff. If I had to guess. Alternative is I’m just really blanking on like some JDM small car that was also made into an EV since that market would explain auto-only.

hint I suppose

It is Asian, but not Chinese