The "guess-what-car" game 2


Toyota Sienna

Toyota Verso?

Toyota Corolla.

Toyota Avensis?

It’s none of those.

First hint: single generation only (in this iteration)

Toyota Urban Cruiser (I could’ve just snatched the round, but that feels unfair when another one is ongoing but forgotten about)

Ah, but it’s not an Urban Cruiser.

Second hint: this particular model was only sold on one continent.

Damn, now I suspect it might be that one NA Toyota model that parks nearby, that I can’t recall the name of, and can’t really track on Wikipedia :joy:
Edit: found that one and it’s not the answer…

What do you mean?

Just that, this iteration/version of the car.

Toyota…Matrix XR?

Scion XD? I know it is the same car as an Urban Cruiser but maybe some visible difference is in the pic…

Urban Cruisers don’t have side markers/reflectors in the headlight cluster.

It is indeed a Scion xD, with the reflector Noporian pointed out that is exclusive to the North American market where it was only sold as a Scion.


OK, what is this then?

Cadillac Catera

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That was quick!


Proudly taken with PotatoCam

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Lancia Stratos?