The "guess-what-car" game 2

Nissan Bluebird?

Early WV Rabbit?

No it’s not a Golf, but it is indeed the Rabbit. The version with side reflectors and 5 mph bumpers never wore a Golf badge.

Damn, was going to guess on that rather early, but the side marker looked wrong. Now, when I look at it, the convertible seems to have a different side marker to the hatch, never noticed…


sorry for the wait was busy

guess away i guess?

Audi RS4?

Tuned Porsche Cayenne?

PS: Mansory Porsche Cayenne Chopster

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yep! it’s the mansory chopster

it’s been 2 days so i guess anyone goes now?

Imma snatch then

Wait… it’s not actually 48h yet, only 46. Eh, close enough? Welp, I guess if @S31 comes here with a picture in 2 hours it’s his round, and if not this can stay? IDK TBH.

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Mclaren F1?
(Guess will come into effect after the 2-hour mark, if S31 doesn’t present in time)

not a guess, but wooo!!! halfway to 10k

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Aurora 122C


Oh we are far past 10k, see how this thread is The “guess-what-car” game 2
Yeah the previous thread got locked because it was full. 9997 replies in that one, + 5015 in this thread means we’re actually at 15012.
I would hazard a guess that this is the most responded to topic in the entire forums :stuck_out_tongue:



jaguar xj?

Uhm, ackshually it didn’t get locked, but it would in just 3 replies, irreversibly IIRC, as it happened to the original CSR thread - that’s why it was even expected, because it happened before (and that’s why currently it’s the norm to have each round of a challenge in another thread).


yeah, i know but didnt include that lol

still cool though, just seeing how we’re already halfway done with this one

Holden Commodore?