The jack of all trades

What is the best car of all? one that will never let you down. A car that can hit the track yet can go off roading with the boys the next day. I know a car thats the fastest on the track and terrible offroad will not win, the winner will be the best allround car. Whats best on fuel? what can tow the most while not having a crazy powered engine? So what will these cars be scored on?

Most important:
1: Race track time; All of these cars will be put to the test on a race track to see what is the fastest, I want a jack of all trades so if im slower then a small hatch on the track I dont want it
2: Offroad Ruggedness; Yes I know I said I wanted to be fast on the track but I also want to be able to go offroading with my mates, it doesnt need to be a beast, just needs to keep up
3:Reliability; if your car can do everything another car can do yet its more reliable then why wouldnt I chose that car instead?

Kinda important
1: Towing; it would be cool to be able to tow things in my new car, its not like I tow much anyway but it would be fun if it could.
2: Price; Now cheaper is always better but I understand that some times you have to spend some money for a good car
3: Practicality; How many seats? How good on fuel is it? How easy is it to work on? All these will be considered as I test all these builds out

Not very important
1: Looks; Of course I want it to look good but in now what am I expecting a Mona Lisa. This car is meant to be used not to be looked at… much

1: Max Price 50,000 AMU
2: Body must be inbetween 80s and 2020
2: Maximum noise 60
3: Must have CD player or higher
4: 80s safety at the lowest
5: Must run on Regular 91 fuel
6: Must use reverse flow mufflers
7: Max quality +5 on each tab
7: No Legacy bodies (i dont have the mod pack)
8: No V16 (I dont have that either)
9: Not judging interior
10: All cars must be posted here with the names that they’ve been exported to beamNG with by 24th of November

All cars will be tested on beamNG

I guess any year after 90?

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I just changed it to 80s for some extra divercity in builds sorry for not clarifying in rules, i knew i missed somthing ahah

some examples of cars you’re looking for would be helpful.

max engine year?

I want to see what everyone’s style is, the rules and how important aspects are is the best you’ll get. I wanna see how different every car can be while also following the rules

No max year, use all at your disposal to make the best engine and car for the challenge

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the car going be tested in Beamng?

Yes it will

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are the interiors going to be judged?



In other words, body unlock year must be 1980 or later, if I am not mistaken.

To that end, I’m assuming a 3-way catalytic converter of some sort is required.

No limit but the lower the lower the better

In other words the body has to be from the 80s all the way to 2020

And you can use any exhaust combination you want there is no limit to the engine besides the noise limit and the fuel it has to run on

Question, specifically what aspects of the car is going to be tested in BeamNG, and for those aspects, how will they be tested? Additionally, for the aspects that are going to be tested in BeamNG, are you going to ignore the corresponding stats in Automation or are the Automation stats going to be accounted for in addition to BeamNG testing?


Off-roading, towing, race track times, ruggedness and over all drive ability will be tested on beamNG

I want to see the emissions, price all the engine and car specs in automation


When is the deadline for submissions?

I’ve been trying to figure that out, I think it will be the 24th of November

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Why the body age limit? The Mobula in particular is ahead of its time, can still pass for early 90s.