The Livestream Announcement Thread

I think I’m going to start running the development livestream more often, as you folks seem to enjoy it and it’s fun to show off what we’re working on.

Considering Facebook is kinda crappy at showing posts to everyone properly anymore, I’ll also be bumping this thread every time I fire up the livestream. Usually I run it for at least 3 -4 hours, sometimes longer.

So, here is the first post, I’m running the livestream now for the next few hours, come join us here -

Livestream is up again! -

Livestream is up again! -

UI Work again this time.

Livestreaming again, this time engine sound tweaking (For the millionth time)

Livestream is up again! - - UI redesign work this time.

Livestream is up again! - - Watch me do more work on the new UI style - Livestreaming some UI redesign work - Livestreaming again for a while.

If you’re wondering what I’m listening to today, it’s by this great little band I found on Soundcloud. Go check them out if that’s your thing -

Livestreaming again, mostly UI work and maybe some more car body and chassis modeling.

This time, by popular demand we’ve moved over to Twitch as our streaming provider. Hopefully this will work better :slight_smile: - Twitch is up again, this time doing some car body work, caluclating some lift values and maybe some other random things. - Stream up again, mostly UI fixes today. - Livestreaming some more UI wor - Livestreaming some more UI work and various bug fixing. - I’ma twitch streaming. Mostly just looking for the last few tiny art bugs to fix before Open Beta of the next update :slight_smile: - Twitch streaming! Random art chores mostly. - Twitch streaming! Random art chores mostly.

Twitch Streaming again. Starting on work for the next update - - Twitch stream up. Mostly working on wheel choices, later in the evening I’ll continue my “after hours project” of converting art to work in Unity and look pretty. - Streaming dev work again!