The numbers game, or "how high can we go?"

I remember a similar game on a board I used to visit, and thought it could be fun to try to revive it here.

It’s not that hard. The first poster posts a car related picture containing the number “1”. Then, whoever feels like doing it will follow up with posting a picture with the number “2” and then the next one will continue with “3”, and so on.

So, what will count then?

Let’s say that someone posted this picture, where the 4 is obvious.

It is now your turn to follow up with the number “5”. So, what will count then?

Cars that has a single “5” somewhere in their model name. For example, Renault 5 or Audi A5 is OK. Not Volvo 850 (despite having a “5” in the middle) or Honda Quintet (name related to the number 5, but too far fetched).

Cars with badges, stickers, license plates, badges etc. that has a single “5” somewhere. For example, a race car with the starting number “5”, a license plate saying “ABC-5”, a badge saying “5 speed” or “5 litre”, a bumper sticker saying “I’ve got 5 interests and golf isn’t one” are all OK, the starting number “55”, a license plate saying “ABC-45”, a badge saying “500 SEC” or “2.5i” or a sticker saying “Borington university 50 years” is not.

Number has to be related or attached to the car. So a picture of, for example, a VW Golf driving over a bridge with a sign saying “Load limit 5 tons” won’t count.

Model years won’t count.

Cars that only has for example 5 cylinders or 5 seats is too far fetched, unless for example a visible badge says so.

Also, keep it car related (not motorcycles, planes etc.), race cars are of course OK since I guess they will be an important source here. Also, let’s keep it to real pictures of real cars. No AI, renderings, drawings, no toy car pictures etc.

Keep it to one post at a time, however, if you find multiple numbers in order in the picture, you’re allowed to claim all of them, for example, a picture of a Mazda 6 next to a Renault 5, or a picture containing three race cars with the starting number 5, 6 and 7.

To make it easier for everyone, write the number(s) you found on the picture under it, and if it is vague you can try to explain (since you can’t expect everyone to know what a Moskvich 408 looks like). Yes, it might be obvious sometimes, but it will still be easier to keep track of what happens then.

So…let’s try and see how this goes, I remember it being extremely easy to start with, gradually getting much harder…


I’ll start then.



Tesla Model 3 - Wikipedia


4 (C)

double 5






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what about more specific numbers, like bmw e39 530i 5 series? does it count as a 39 or 530? What about like generation numbers?

i was about to ask this too tbh
like would a saab 9-3 count as a 9 or a 3

Well, I would not mind seeing the E39 being used as “39”, neither would I object seeing it being used for the number 530 if it could be proved to be a 530 and not just “any” 5-series. The 9-3 is kind of a mindfuck I can agree…

Just see the rules as something of guidelines to not get extremely cheese (“this Toyota Corolla has 294852 km on its odometer that’s not visible in the pics”), I will probably not put my foot down until it becomes pure silliness.

well i might as well continue


Another potential gray area:

(when said aloud)



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13 (GAZ-13 Chaika)

(BX) 14

Would something with ‘1500’ count as 15? (i.e. Chevy Silverado 1500)

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