The power discrepancy between Automation and Beam is back

A lot of members here will likely remember the bug when the exporter first came out that turbocharged engines would not reach their full boost and therefore loose a lot of power. The issue isn’t the boost this time though, it applies to both turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines.

For quite a few months after the first patch, power differences of 2 or 3 horsepower were found in every engine and I could more than live with that. However, starting about January, the gap kept getting wider and wider. For example, let’s take an 800HP engine. The difference started being about 5, then 10, then 15, 20, 25, 30 etc. Now this started to really bother me but I decided to not worry about it because it wasn’t too bad.

However, I just exported a car and lost 35 horsepower off a 789 HP engine, to 754. That’s a more than 4% loss. It may sound small, but it’s sad thinking how close it used to be.


I can provide more screenshots from different engines, but this is the one that struck me enough to write a post. (The engine in question is using about 27 PSI of boost)

EDIT: Sorry for my awful math, it’s a 35 horsepower difference, not 45


I have had random issues with boost just not working (0PSIg on boosted engine) usually after a crash/reset. Have to reload the car to get my turbos back. Huge loss of power there. May be a related bug, the VVT/VVL may be dropping out randomly.

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I’ll check if VVL is the issue, but to be brutally honest I have pretty wide differences between the 2 cam profiles, probably to the point of losing a lot more than only 35 HP :sweat_smile:

However, it seems to me that the boost pressure is the same, though I haven’t 100% checked yet