The Remastered Cars Thread

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With the recent HD Remaster Challenge, I figured I’d make a thread for remastered cars.

Everyone has their first car. I figured a thread where people can share their old cars they have later remastered would be quite nice! It doesn’t matter what car it is, as long as it’s old enough to be remastered.

In my opinion, re-doing and remastering cars is two different things. I often re-do my more recent cars. Usually if I am not happy with certain details or with some parts of the engineering. But I remaster cars that I feel like are outdated and don’t match my current skillset.

Let me demonstrate, here we have the 1990s Italian wagon from September 2021.

And here we have the very same 1990s Italian wagon made in July 2024.

I think there has been some sort of an improvement.

Go wild!


I mean, there is a thread like that, just that it died 3 years ago :stuck_out_tongue: Recreating Old Cars
I remember it because I’ve posted there!

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Given that the last post in that thread is from September 2021, I suppose a new thread doesn’t hurt.


1992 AAA Crusader

This is what my Kee-era Albury Crusader looks like now, in UE4 4.2+:

Built on the new '92 Evade body set (2.53m wheelbase, in 2-door fastback configuration) due to the original build being based on a legacy body set.

I had considered remaking it before, on the '92 Z15A/Z16A body set, but couldn’t bring myself to do it until now due to its limitations (excessive width, lack of body styles, etc.). Thankfully, the new version has a more detailed look overall, fully detailed interior and all.

For reference, here are two trims of the original:

Both of them looked fine for their time, but in hindsight, I could’ve made them even more detailed than they were, although the limitations of the Kee era made it quite difficult.

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Zephorus Autos


Z - S & Z - X lineup throughout the years

The differences in the S and X models isn’t much, minor tweaks in performance, but it allows for me to show off all the developments that happened. Saying that, there is a few design bits in between which were never released, as they got changed soon after I made the car so it’s more like a concept changing slightly. These are the cars that I released as “done” at the time.

Original - Feb 2019

Gen 1 - May 2019

Gen 2 - March 2021

Gen 3 - Dec 2021

Gen 4 - Jan 2023

Gen 4x - Current

Z - S

Z - X

Z - X R

These cars are not a real product of any manufacturer, any likeness or other similarities to real brands is purely coincidence. Actual model may change in final submission.


Greatest evolution i have ever seen