The RM Challenge - Finished

8/29/2020 Blaire Automotive Co Headquarters, Milwaukee Wisconsin.


It’s mid-year 2020 and founder Craig Campbell is coming up to age 100! As to this wonderful milestone Blaire CEO Joshua Campbell (Craig’s great grandson) has decided to make an ultra luxury convertible named after Craig’s grandmother. The name? Project: Rosalie-Morris. It has been Joshua’s pride and dream to return Blaire back to the olden luxury/premium days. So it is your job to capture the essence and beauty that an ultra luxury convertible should have. Now Joshua doesn’t only want a retro design. Modern designs are very much welcome, but retro designs would be a treat for him none the less.


Challenge Overview:
Design an Ultra Luxury Convertible - Retro Designs are welcome
Be creative, you don’t have to base it entirely off Blaire’s. You can add your own flares, but make sure it’s still recognized as a Blaire.
You are allowed to alter the name a bit but naming the car just Rosalie-Morris is needed.

Judgement will be based on the following categories:

  • Overall Design

  • Continuity with modern Blaire designs

  • Elegance and Beauty of the design compared to the name

  • Exlusivity (how much it stands out as a super luxury convertible, and how much it stands out from the rest of the Blaire lineup. As this is going to be limited production)


1. Design must be set as 2020
2. Engine options must be between a V8/V10/V12 (Turbos accepted), and must be front engined
3. Body style must be a convertible
4. 2 or 4 seats.
5. Naming scheme will follow standard practice (TRMC [Username] - Trim [Insert your design name] for the car and engine: (TRMC - [Username])
6. Must be on Public Testing Branch.

Blaire Catalogue





Albatross SE:

Design Cues


This is entirely based off By Silver-York’s Request by @ProfessorP3PP3R all credit goes to them, and this is my second time attempting at a challenge. All criticism is accepted.

Deadline - June 20th

Blaire Automotive Co. ®️

Would 4 door convertibles be considered?

Blaire Automotive Concept by KGB

6.0L V10
0-60 4.2 seconds
193mph top speed

(Subject to lots of revisions. Such as below.)


No sorry. As cool as it’d sound. I’d like to keep thing traditional

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Damn… I’d already started work on one! all I need to do now is switch the body variant and boom lol

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Submissions Now Open

Now we wait.

This is a bit like CSC, but with that series on hold, the RM challenge is the closest thing to it we have right now.

Built with comfort, not speed in mind

It features a silky smooth, bulletproof 6.75L Naturally Aspirated V12 propelling the fine, hand-crafted automobile to 170mph.

It directly competes with the likes of a Rolls Royce Phantom and a Bentley Mulsanne, while remaining over £150000 less than both of them. It’s eye-catching 2 tone paintjob with red pinstriping flows beautifully with the over-sized grille and sweeping, bulging bonnet. The blue mohair hood retracts at the push of a button in under 15 seconds, whilst on the move.


I suppose it can be considered to be a little CSC until CSC is back. Although this is supposed to be a one time challenge as the Rosalie-Morris was something I thought of a month ago and decided I’d make it into a challenge with the inspiration of Professor Pepper’s challenge.

New Deadline!

Hey challengers. The deadline has been pushed to June 20th. I hope if people have been making cars for this (in which i hope) you take your time and don’t rush. As there’s still a pretty long while to go.


I just found this. Could be interesting, I think I have a suitable platform for it. So the mechanicals are there. The styling could be quite frustrating though.
Also just wondering, would you prefer a 2/2 or 2+2 if there were 4 seats?

Edit: I realized I forgot how seats worked. So you can use whatever suits you. Just as long at it’s either 2 or 4 seats.

Looking at that my front seems fine. What might be your issue is the rear lights. I’ll work on it. Also the side skirts are interesting, and seem significant to you.

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If you are mentioning the side vents with the chrome trimming then yeah. It is a major part of the Blaire design language and I’ve stuck with it after experimenting with the Albatross a month back

Can you use any body regardless of age?

00s and 10s bodies are required. but Late 90s bodies will be allowed

will version 4.0 of the game work?

Must be Open Beta (also knownas the Public Testing Branch) as I have trouble using anything else.

Some 4.21 mods that are ported over to 4.24 can be used, as long as they aren’t technically different.
Good examples include CB’s original L5’s MDHL and patchwork.

I have open Beta & no mods. Thanks for answering my questions

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