The Star Screen

Welcome to my idea that isnt actually my idea
What your basically getting is the cool wall but instead of the iconic TG Trio, you get these morons


Ill keep it short for these. Jay Turnbell is the owner of the Pontiac GTO. They are mostly into the old fashioned style of “give it power, hope to god it works”.


Emil Cromweitz is a friendly german man with a love for modified cars, hence his ownership of a RUF RK Coupe. He loves to push cars to thier limits but he also loves car that are raw and insane


This young indian lass is always hip and modern. Her ownership of the Porsche Taycan reflects her perfectly. Where the other presenters are quick to crap on EVs, Ishani defends them with her life.

anyone can enter a car in, just submit it to me with a picture of it and Ill review it (some info will also be nice)
Ill do them in threes. You can submit it to me either here or in DMs, whichever you prefer


Jay: alright, first off the Tyran Fulcone. Beutiful European build
Emil: Its got a bit of a droopy face though
Jay: yes but, its a sports sedan! in the bloody 50s!
Ishani: the only reason they actually sold any of these overbuilt shoeboxes is because the only other things they were making at the time was either a farm vehicle, or a car that was not only the size titanic, but had the same running costs as it
Emil: cough and had a tendancy of not turning fast enough
Jay: and we are already cancelled!

Emil: alright, next up, a car from my home place, the Alya Toron
Ishani: Someone stretched thier hatchback
Emil: Its a shooting brake and its absolutely genius. Its got the performance of a sports car with the boot space of an SUV
Jay: sorry, Emil, I fail to see the point of it. Not only is it about as expensive as a house, but its just a wagon with less doors.
Emil: its a shooting brake! They are always cool!
Jay: ah yes, lets all get overexcited over the car with not enough doors
Ishani: Im actually with Jay on this one I think its in Airborn
Jay: ok ok, I am willing to make a bet
Emil: go on
Jay: if that thing sells more than 500 units, I will eat my hat
Emil: always with the hat
Ishani: Deal!

Ishani: alright, this one is the…Arker Talisian
Jay: the what?
Ishani: apparently its a sports car from…Mexico?
Emil: Im surprised it stayed together long enough to take a picture
Jay: arent these the cars that were so unsafe that the company got sued and had to shut down
Ishani: that was the Tailwind
Jay: well if its got the Tailwind on its belt, I cant imagine the Talisman is any better
Ishani: Talisian
Jay: Whatever, the cars company is underground, and so is the car itself

Edit: I should also say, the pictures you send will be the pictures that represent your car, so make sure they are good!


So basically the Yorkshire Gal but not locked? Alright!

Sending in my truck to you right now.

I’m sure Underground, Surface, Airborn(e?) and Interstellar correspond to Seriously Uncool, Uncool, Cool, and Sub-Zero, respectively, on the actual Top Gear Cool Wall.

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I looked at Yorkshire Gals stuff, thats more the actual top gear reviews whereas this is simply a riff off the cool wall section

That is correct, since this is “the star screen” its related to the different levels of the world, underground, the ground, the air, and space. There is a “to the stars” special part if the car is that good thats like the Fridge in Top Gear also

So, what you want is a .car-file and a picture of the car, do I understand you right?

yeah, the car file is purely to look at stats

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