The Themed Car Challenge & Automationeer Standoff 2.0

Welcome to the (second) reboot of the Themed Car Challenge Shakedown!

What is the Themed Car Challenge?
The Themed Car Challenge is one of the forum’s oldest challenges; originally curated by @pyrlix (who has co-developed this reboot, so please give him some grandiose credit!) in 2015, the Themed Car Challenge is a community-based challenge that runs over a relatively long period of time (around a month) and helps to showcase your skills as a designer and an engineer as well as compare your designs to the designs of others. Unlike most competitions, you and your cars will be voted on by other users and not a single judge.

How does it work?

It’s rather simple!

  • Each round will have a loose set of rules and a theme (i.e. 1994 sports coupes, 2007 3-row SUV’s, etc.). Players will get two to three weeks to submit their cars.
  • For every round, you must both input the information of your car into a spreadsheet along with send a copy to me (tentative) to check for accuracy of submitted information.
  • After cars have been submitted for each round, there will be a period of voting - forum members will vote for their third, second and first picks.
  • A week of voting will pass before the results are revealed. The next theme is likely to be chosen by the next player, but the host may or may not change - this as well is under discussion.

It’s recommended that for each round you post an advertisement, as aesthetics likely will be factored into people’s judgement.
For most of these rounds, the model year and engine family year won’t match your trim and variant year if you’re focusing on lore. This is encouraged if lore is important to you!
People may vote for entries on any basis, given that they do not vote for themselves or with malicious intent.

In addition, we’ll be bringing back the Automationeer Standoff!

Pioneered by @pyrlix and @NormanVauxhall, this magazine-style review will be a narrated “podcast” of sorts alongside some fun visuals! The two leaders of each TCC round will be pitted against each other in this head-to-head review, narrated by two guest speakers of choice.

This challenge is currently under development.

Season 1, Episode 1 - 2004 Premium “Homologation” Sedan

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away!




Back in the early days of UE4 Automation we got all excited about the return of the Themed Car Challenge… only to discover that this first attempt at a reboot was a one-off. Until now, that is; I am eagerly anticipating the long-awaited return of this tourney and the relaunched Automationeer Standoff that accompanies it.