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Hey guys , this is my first thread and i would like to do something new

This magazine is all about Top 5 stuffs , something like alltime10s a youtuber , you may also contribute if you want.

#Coming soon next is Top 5 cars that deserve more power


So… do you go through threads, find posts, and review based on that? Or you want cars sent in? Because if the latter I can recommend some vehicles

will take from thread , as for now i do not have the full version of this game yet.

i will keep doing research of this forum thread to post more top 5 .

okay. need any help with anything i’ll gladly offer assistance

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##5 - 2016 Airborne Cherry

We really like the design of the Cherry, but the truth of driving it is that it’s not exceptional in any way. It’s not bad, but it’s certainly not super exciting for having just 133BHP.

##4 - 2016 Auxuras ITL

Auxuras claim this car as a ‘‘Sport Compact Sedan’’ , but how is it sporty when they decided to remove the V6 engine with the most powerful engine offered is just a 2.0L inline-4 that makes 240BHP ? Auxuras need to do the math.

##3 - 2016 Erin Nardella

The Nardella is bulit by British automaker Erin , it may look beautiful and fast but do not forget that we shouldn’t judge a book by it cover , the 2.4L inline-4 turbocharged engine only make 214bhp , really Erin ? yes the car may be very light but i am sure Erin can make more BHP thru this engine.

##2 - 2016 Ventura Hyperion Mach 2

One of the latest car introduced by Ventura , the gorgeous Hyperion Mach 2 , there’s definetly head turn while you are driving this in a peaceful and quiet afternoon , untill you realise that the 3.7L V8 engine only makes 210BHP , what the hell is Ventura engineer thinking ?


##1 - 2016 Saminda CZ-S

I am not sure IF Saminda is trolling with consumers , but this little car only makes 106bhp in a 1.3L inline-4 engine , oh not to mention the additional super high tech ‘‘electric motor’’ in this car , although it may have 60MPG , but Saminda expect us to have fun with this car just 106bhp , AND IT’S A FWD , i can’t stop laughing

##Learn from Maesima , Saminda.


I understand that the CZ-S is an economical entry-level car, built on a front-drive platform to cut costs, but a rear-drive version of this car with a more powerful version of the same engine (or, better still, a totally new engine - I have plenty of suitable straight-fours available which can transform this weakling), minus the heavy hybrid hardware, is virtually a necessity to ensure it drives as good as it looks.

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So is this some kind of Jalopnik style listing?

Eh interesting take I suppose. Maybe you should do special features once in a while.

You know it’s great to have a Jalopnik without having Gawker and Jezebel being shoved in my face all the time. Maybe this can substitute it.


Very nice idea, funny magazine.

Are you only writing about 2016 models or are you planning to extend it to older models?
BTW: The most underpowered car comes from CMT, as they liked the idea to offer a supercar affordable for the masses, just like the motto “Nobody will notice as long you mind a duel”. :smiley:

Yea. Just enjoy that sheep in wolf’s skin, really pathetic. But i guess it wouldn’t drive that bad in reality, especially for its relatively modest price.

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Hey, remember, it’s not about how much power you’ve got, just how you use it :wink:

I like the format of the magazine, and the idea that you take cars off the forums rather than asking for special submissions.

But I would like to see a little more of a write-up for each car. It could be as simple as pulling a little history/production numbers/unique facts about the car and saying some fluff (or not so fluff) words about it.

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@CMT it will be mixed with old and new cars , it’s all just for fun

@findRED19 noted !


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Retrofitting the Hyperion Mach 2 with any of my Albury New Universal V8s (particularly the 6.4 NA version) should make it live up to its name. The 2.4-liter straight-four in the Erin Nardella has plenty of potential - it would be easy to take it up to 300 bhp or more.

well that rules DSD out

And me too LOL. Considering lately I’ve been turning my attention to how to keep my cars frugal and overpowered :laughing:

I got 2000bhp for 12.5L/100km in a 500km/h car with an engine reliability of 81, too bad it’ll probably cost as much as a Lykan Hypersport, on the plus side it’d also smash the pants off one.

well i know my cars won’t get on this list.

see DSD only believe in putting a small amount of tech points into fuel system…however numbers of +10 Aero are not unheard of in my company lol


##5 - Solo Hare Light

The Hare Light from Solo Motors is definitely not slow nor fast , it’s a reasonable sport car with reasonable performance , but however , with such a low weight , it consumes 11.03L/100km from a 2L engine that produces 193hp , something is not right.

##4 - DSD Shark Sonic

DSD Shark Sonic is actually a pretty decent car , the 800cc engine let you rev till 10k RPM , sweet jesus … but what is even more sweet jesus ? the car consume a hory 8.33L/100KM that produces 105BHP , i think i would just get a normal naturally aspirated 1.6L car will do.

##3 - ECV Atlas AllTrack

The Altas AllTrack really is a good car, what with its spacious interior, sharp handling, and controlled, quiet ride. It produce 144bhp from a 2L engine , sounds reasonable right? but untill you hear it consume 13.03L/100KM … GODDAMMIT.

##2 - Auxuras SLX

Saminda/Auxuras is well known for making fuel efficient cars , but this older SLX is a disaster for this brand, the 3.7L V6 engine produces 317BHP , and it consume a holy molly 15L/100KM.


##1 - Airborne RZ Aranaut

Okay , this car pisses me off , driving this along the freeway which i can’t even overtake a truck , and what worst is that the 66hp car drinks a massive 7.49L/100km , WHAT?


The lack of efficiency you pointed out could be due to poor tuning, excess weight, or in the worst case, both.

sorry, I had to. It was just, you know. So obvious…

@Yamahafazer600 Damn, you’re finding some real gold in here. However you’re doing it, keep it up!