The Tycoon portion of the game

Hi all,

Really like the look of this game, wanted a car tycoon game that didn’t suck for a long time now. Saying that, the lack of information or indication of the tycoon aspect of the game is making me hold off pre-ordering, as there is such an intense focus on the engine and cars rather than the broader picture (which I’m personally interested in).

So my question is when you’re looking to start talking about and creating alphas for the tycoon end of the game?


To really get started with the tycoon part, we first need a solid foundation, that’s why we first focus on the engine and car designer. After the full car designer demo is out, next up will be the tycoon part!

Ok thanks for the reply :slight_smile:; I can definitely see the massive passion for cars, but I’m less-car-more-tycoon focused so the foundation for me would involve tycoon mechanics. When they’re around I’ll probably preorder :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your time!

Yes, I see where you’re coming from. It’s just that in order to make the tycoon part good in such a technical game that has so many parameters, you cannot start with the tycoon part and balance from there :slight_smile: in order to not have enter a balancing death spiral, the other way around is better to take. There will be a tycoon part demo too, of course.