Themed Car Challenge Shakedown (UE4) [Voting until 25.02] - Eurocoupe

Gentlemen, time to build some cars!

This is an Unreal 4 Challenge - please use the lastest Open Beta R5 - all mods are allowed (just tell me which you used in the PM)

DO NOT ENTER ANYMORE! We are at 34/34 Entries.

Welcome to the Reboot of the Themed Car Challenge - the TCC Shakedown - and also a reboot of the infamous Automationeer Standoff.

The format stays unchanged - the Guideline is as usual on the Bottom. go to this Google Docs Spreadsheet build your car, fill in your data and send it to me. If any stat has a minimum Value or limits in the top bar, please follow them!

This is not a CSR Clone - in CSR you build cars, and the host decides who wins. Here you build cars… and decide who won. You dont need the best Ad, or the best Photoshop to impress the Judge. Here the amount of Judges is everyone who is a forum user. They can go by ads or by pure stats.
Also this is older than CSR.

In this Shakedown you have to build a…

1990 Affordable European Sportscoupe

More and more people in Europe want some fancy Sportscoupe like the Porsche 911 or 928, but simply cannot afford it. And adding to that, while the people like their design and their performance but they sometimes don’t offer a comfortable ride, or cant even fit a normal bag of grocieries or a box of soda.
The cars they want are coming already though, and their names are Toyota Celica, Opel/Vauxhall Calibra, VW Corrado etc. - and your company has to make something, that can compete with those kind of cars. Good looking yet practical, good performance but economic, good handling but comfortable. You realize its not an easy task, and assing your best engineers on it…

Submissions possible until 18th of Februray 2018

~The Rules~

Car Body can be from any category and cannot be older more than 20 Years!

No CNC Parts
No Semislicks
Fuel Premium 95 Unleaded

Minimum Driveability 35
Minimum Comfort 10
Minimum Prestige 25
Minimum Safety 35

Trimyear has to be 1990, so technically you CAN send in a facelifted 1990 trim from your 1985 model

Tip: Those buyers (as in: YOU) might sell their cars in 5 years - take it into consideration that they might want to get a good resale value, since they may or may not want a newer model or had a incident that forces them to buy a new car.

Any Questions? Go ahead and ask!

I highly recommend to post a small advertisement of the car here to appeal it to the future customers in the voting but you don’t have to do it.

The top 2 cars will be featured in the first reboot of Automationeer Standoff!

Have fun on this challenge!



The goal in the Themed Car Challenges is to build an Car that is reasonable for the specific theme it is entered into.
This challenge is not about making as much power as possible or other crazy-ass Cars. The winner will be chosen by the
judges, and that is you! You decide which Car you would choose, if YOU were the CUSTOMER. Be realistic about your choices!

Submission Guidelines

  • The latest public open beta release version is used for the challenges. (R5 atm)
  • One submission per user per theme. The PMed Car is your final and only theme entry.
  • If a patch is released during a challenge, the entry has to be (re-)submitted in the latest patch version.
  • After filling the spreadsheet with your Car’s data, submit your entry via PM to Pyrlix, the TCC game-master.
  • The naming scheme of the car should me equal to what the submission in Google Docs is. It should be understandable for me which cars ingame equal to those on the spreadsheet.
  • Don’t use any markups, its all done in the Document.
  • You must submit the Car by the last day of building time, otherwise it counts as not submitted and is disqualified.
  • If your Car stats in the sheet don’t correspond to the ones in the submitted Car file, this counts as cheating.
  • Don’t allocate 2 slots at one time. Only 1 slot at once.

Voting Guidelines

Remember that you are the customer, and you want to get the best out of a car for your money.
Vote accordingly! Some examples for what kind of questions you should be asking yourselves:

a) Is all that power actually accessible, usable and not far too dangerous?
b) Will the Comfort break your back?
c) Does it eat your wallet?

Voting will be done in a relatively easy to use Poll. You just have to add your name and vote accordingly. You have 3 votes that are worth 3-2-1 points. You cannot assign all 5 of your points to a single car, you have to vote atleast 3 different cars.

You are not allowed to vote for your own Car! Obviously.


Correction: the deadline is on the 18th of February 2018.

Also, by latest public release, do you mean R4 or R5?

Anyway, it’s nice to see the TCC reimagined for UE4!

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Oops thanks. Corrected.

Latest Open Beta, so R5. Also all mods allowed

I’d like to take part in this.

Question: I had some confusion about this with the official competition going on right now. When you say 1990 car, does that mean the model year will be 1990, or will we have to take engineering time into account and plan an earlier model year?

Otherwise, how will engineering time be factored in, if at all?

posts to bookmark, gonna look into it this evening

Trim year has to be 1990, so technically you CAN send in a facelift of your 1984 cars. I dont take Engineering or anything into regard for the cars release, a bit of a classic automation challenge. What matters is just price. Of course if you have ludicrous engineering time you get negative points.
I have the stat in the spreadsheet and it has a threshold above 90 or so, just so noone makes +15 Quality cars…

Almost forgot: What naming scheme, if any, must the entrants’ submission follow? And is there an absolute maximum pre-markup price that we have to stay under?

Markup is 0% - as it says in the spreadsheet. I don’t care for the naming scheme, as i see your cars in the spreadsheet and in the game as the same names (hopefully) - just name your cars how you would name them. If i get no “Znopreks Z325” despite it being in the spreadsheet - it gets DQ’d. Adding that into the guidelines.

May I add my car stats to the spreadsheet just for comparison’s sake, even though I’m not ready to submit yet? I plan to update as I go. Should I wait until it’s finished before plugging it all in?

You absolutely can add your car stats, you dont need to send the car until Sunday, but you can fill the stats and change them all day long.

Has Christmas come early or am I just that hyped to have this challenge back again?


I’m having a lot of fun with this. I expect to enter this challenge a lot in the future. CSR is a bit intimidating for me. This seems like a great way to compete since I can kind of see what I’m up against and decide if I need to improve.

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ohh, this gonna be fun as fuq

I love looking at the spreadsheet and seeing all the different users going over their stats, suprisingly satisfying!

In preparation for my submission, I’ve been benchmarking the previously submitted entries and experimenting with various engine and drivetrain combinations. So far, I still can’t decide if my entry should be FWD or RWD, and whether four cylinders is better than six or vice versa…


This sounds just like the thing for me.

I already added some basic idea of a car into the datasheet, but that’s all work in progress while I try to figure out how the game works now.

Checking the spreadsheet reveals an inconsistency in the data columns - are we supposed to quote power in hp or kW? I’m assuming it’s the former, and at least I know where the other stats should go.

Edit: So it is in hp after all.

what inconsistency?

oh the right most tab does list kW… just change that to HP. the rest is in HP already

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