Themed Engine Challenges: Rules & Structure


The goal in the Themed Engine Challenges is to build an engine that is reasonable for the specific theme it is entered into.
This challenge is not about making as much power as possible or other crazy-ass engines. The winner will be chosen by the
judges, and that is you! You decide which engine you would choose, if YOU were the CUSTOMER. Be realistic about your choices!

[size=120]Submission Guidelines[/size]

[ul]]The latest public release version is used for the challenges./:m]
]One submission per user per theme. The PMed engine is your final and only theme entry./:m]
]If a patch is released during a challenge, the entry has to be (re-)submitted in the latest patch version./:m]
]After filling the spreadsheet with your engine’s data, submit your entry via PM to Pyrlix, the TEC game-master. /:m]
]You must submit the engine on the last day of building time, otherwise it counts as not submitted and is disqualified./:m]
]Scoring (Season 1): 1st place 3 points, 2nd place 2 points, 3rd place 1 point per theme respectively./:m]
]Reward: “TEC Champion” forum status… there can only be one!/:m]
]If your engine stats in the sheet don’t correspond to the ones in the submitted engine file, this counts as cheating./:m]
]Don’t allocate 2 slots at one time. Only 1 slot at once. Finish your work before you start the next one! /:m]
]Cheating will be punished with a 2-week ban from the forums and being locked out from the season./:m][/ul]

[size=120]Voting Guidelines[/size]

Remember that you are the customer, and you want to get the best out of a car for your money.
Vote accordingly! Some examples for what kind of questions you should be asking yourselves:

a) Is all that power actually accessible, usable and not far too dangerous?
b) Do the emissions put you in a higher tax bracket?
c) Does it eat your wallet?

Do the voting by putting your name in the “Vote” line below each scenario. You have two votes per theme:

  1. “2MyForumID” is worth two points towards the placement.
  2. “1MyForumID” is worth one point towards the placement.

If there is one or several names in that cell already, edit the cell and add your name: “2NameX, 1NameY, 2MyForumID”
with the score you want to give in front of your forum ID.
You are not allowed to vote for your own engine!

[size=120]Season Format[/size]

The runtime for every challenge is one week and every season will have 4 events, i.e. a season is 4 weeks long.
There may be minor breaks in between due to holidays or unavailability of the game-master.
The competition weeks are structured the following way:

Engine Submissions: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Engine Voting: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Challenge Wrap-Up and Announcement: Thursday

[size=120]Competition Spreadsheet[/size]

You find the spreadsheet here!

Cheers guys!