There it is : my posts on other sites about Automation

I wasn’t proud of that I did not already talk about it on, one of the main french sites about video games…

So there we are now, it’s corrected ! :slight_smile:

There are the links if you want to see for yourself : … s-auto.htm … s-auto.htm … s-auto.htm

I posted in the General Video Games, Simulation and Racing Games forums.

Nice! Although Im sure google translate has done something nasty to bits of it, because it claims your last post is “Note that the game should be moddable, and I do not know about you but I could well put the legs .”

It’s an expression that says in english that I’ll maybe try to mod it. The problem is that “patte” is a french word for an animal’s leg, arm, hand or foot.
It just means that I’ll surely put my hands in it… and get hurt. (I don’t know anything about programmation)
But if there isn’t any french translation at the game release, you just have to say “ok” and I’ll do it ! :stuck_out_tongue:

now i informed a really big modding community about this site and stuff. i hope that many wanna join … informed about. … &id=178575

I add my link to the 4th topic : … s-auto.htm

I also added the preorder news to all the four.

It is really good to see the French website of automation. Anyway, I am afraid Google Translate is not doing the translation correctly as stated here by Daffyflyer. Regarding modding, are you sure that the game is currently modable. Please do update and confirm on this since the translation could go wrong again.