These mods have busted (solved)

Hey there! I was designing a car and when I opened the fixture list almost all of my fixture mods had disappeared. It’s like they’ve become outdated or something. Can you help me out?

It’s likely that your mods haven’t been updated to compatable for ue 4.24. If of the start up menu is shows incompatable, then that likely means that they haven’t been updated yet or have been released as a 4.24 mod. That would be my assumption.

Oh. Thank you! Should I delete them and instead download different ones?

I just downloaded the new ones. The old ones never really bothered me so I just left them.

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Thank you very much, that was seriously very helpful.

Delete them only if you don’t want to have 921387616273 mods in your launcher

I (and a lot of other modders) will be updating mods on the old ones, so unless a mod specifically got replaced by a new 4.24 version you might as well stay subscribed and wait for the update.

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@thecarlover I love to use your mods and have done so in a lot of my creations! Please do!