Thinking of changing my car

hey folks

im thinking of changing my car to a subaru legacy 3.0r spec b (6 cylinder)
the car i have my eye on as been converted to run on LPG (can still use petrol) whats your thoughts on LPG? does anybody have any experience with it?
chris :slight_smile:

Running a car will be much cheaper, but you will reduce engine reliability in the long run. also the fuel tank will take a lot of space in the boot, or you could install a smaller tank in place of the spare wheel.

a 3.0 subaru will return 26 MPG (uk) average on petrol and 18 MPG on gas, but with lower power and more noise. the system costs between 250-1000 Pounds.
since 1l of petrol is 1.2 quid and 1 l of gas is 50p or so, you will save some money in the short while, but will ultimately ruin the engine.
your choice now.

LE: also gas will not produce as much heat, so expect your car to provide less heat in the cabin during winter.

thanks for the info its definatley something to ponder. :slight_smile:

Wonder if you could import a Falcon XR6 Turbo from Australia and then convert it to LPG, they LOVE LPG (Hardened valve seats ready for LPG from stock, turbo motor gains ~20kw just from the charge cooling of the LPG)

Id just love to have a legacy 3.0r, possibly in outback trim.

Green Focus RS

You know you want to.

@conan you’re right :smiley: buuuut money issues :laughing:
@daffy do you agree that the legacy’s engine would suffer as a result of running LPG? i like the idea of a falcon xr6 but i want the legacy mainly for it’s 4 wheel drive,i could get a smaller engined one to make it more cost effective but were’s the fun in that? :laughing:

had experience with a Subaru Forester 2.0 N/A 1999
it absolutely hated LPG, no problems at first, but after about 10’000km it started misfiring and had a lot of trouble starting

ok guys ive bought a subaru legacy spec b (not the one on mentioned above running on lpg) i pick her up this weekend ill post pics when i get time. :smiley:

And again the man with Ford logo as his avatar bought something that is not a Ford. :confused: :laughing:

yeah it looks strange, this subaru is warming me up for the focus rs when i get one. :wink: i think im turning japanese. i think im turning japanese. :laughing: