This awesome beast was parked in my parking lot!

One day, after visiting grandmothers house, i had a lift home (sold my cars)
And then i found out this beast was in the parking lot!
A Bentley Continental GT!

That just looks incredibly out of place. Did it belong to someone important?

If you look at the plate, you can see a web address and this was just being test driven from some dealership.
Btw i hate that stupid old opel next to it completely ruins it.

That old Opel makes it an amazing picture! How did you know it was being test driven? Could it have just been purchased from that dealer, and the dealer plate-surrounding-things were left on?

It had a testing plate, since the material was different than usual, the amount of digits was different and the text was red.
That’s how i know.

That’s still pretty amazing… Did you get any pictures of the interior?

Didn’t get any