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This body is missing a door!

While looking for a body to prepare for a forum competition I found that the body I want to use has a major bug in it; itโ€™s a four door hatchback instead of a five door!

RHS pic:

Both doors present and accounted for

LHS pic:

The rear door is missing!

Such a shame really, I was looking forward to being able to use this body today! :wink::grin::thinking:


So you found the AMC Gremlin, and Hyundai Veloster love child?


Use it anyway. Itโ€™s a feature, not a bug.


I think Skoda had one in the 50s too. It could as well be a feature as Marcus says too, though. Child safe in right hand traffic with the door facing the sidewalk.


Or it could be a programming error - as far as I know, this body was ported over from Kee long ago, and back then, it had the correct number of doors (two on each side).

Yeah I donโ€™t think that it is supposed to be this way - just a tip how it can be used to spice up the lore a bit.