This body style does not export correctly to BeamNG

This body style highlighted in the screenshot, when exported to BeamNG, has a white wedge shaped object inside. See screenshot below.

I have tested 2 different cars using this body, one of them does not have fixtures, so I think this is related to this body.

Also some other minor issues, but I don’t think they need immediate fixing.

This body, and the similar one below with longer wheel base, is either created with a larger rear wheel in mind, or it should be rotated a few degrees as the rear has far more space for the wheel. Looks goofy when the rear wheel has a bunch of space above it but the front wheel already touches the fender.

Some bodies does not have correct camera placement and the bonet camera is actually under the car. But since there are placable cameras now, I don’t consider it a major problem. The white thing tho, hope it gets fixed. I love this body style.