This car's rear wheels aren't symmetrical

Hello everyone. I have found a bug in the openbeta branch of Automation, where the BodyEditor_00sSupercarLarge_Preview car’s back wheels are not properly symmetrical. I have come to believe that this is a problem in the game, because I have verified all the files, and played it in safe-mode, with no positive results.

I have attached two pictures below to help you understand. The first one being the rear-right, which is how it should be. The second one is the problematic rear-left.

I hope someone can help me, or that the wonderful developers can patch this. Thank you for your time!


That body is a known issue entirely


Oh, so I’m not the only one with this issue, I have also noticed, that not the wheels actually, rather the both rear fenders are asymmetrical for some reason. Here’s a pic, where you can see it:

Clearly, this isn’t what I would call asymmetrical wheels, rather it’s an issue with rear fender morphs. Let’s hope this gets eventually fixed, or at least the entire body gets replaced with more refined one.


This body will have a replacement soon, when I get started on it! :smile:


Yay! That’s good to know at least. I’m quite happy to know this.

Thank you for your help! It’s a shame that the fender morphs are a bit messy, but at least we have Aruna’s replacement to look forward to!

I remember the original version of the Mako body set (a holdover from the Kee era) having the exact same problem (asymmetrical rear fender morphs), but this was fixed when it was remade for 4.27.

Yep, my “Lopsided Lambo” will be happy to get a body that fits. This bug has been around quite a while, awesome to see it being addressed though.


has the problem still not been solved? because today I also have the same problem [](

It has been, the replacement body is not yet in the game, but next update will be :+1: