This is how to make an F1 car in automation game!

Hello! You might have clicked on this becuase you have searched for hours on how to make an F1 car in automation. At least that happened to me. But worry no more, I got you. I have written a step by step guide on how to do it, but if you don’t like reading, here is a link to a video instead: - YouTube.

So here is how to make an F1 car in automation (it’s quite easy actually):

  1. Choose about any car body, we are going to make the body invisible, so how the body looks doesn’t really matter. I would choose a car with the wheels spaced out similar to an F1 car, make sure the size of the wheels also makes sense.

  2. Choose the best materials possible. Normally it would be Carbon Fibre, Monocoque, Carbon Fibre, (choose whatever engine placement you want), Double Wishbone, Double Wishbone. Remember to set the quality to 15.

  3. Make a screaming V10! Now it’s time to make an F1 engine. I am going to make a 1.6L V10, as is powerfull and stable. You can choose any engine you’d like, but remember that F1 engines are small, but still make lots of power. I would recommend an engine with about 1K horsepower. If you don’t know how to, look it up on youtube. The engine should fit in the car, because it is so small.

5.1. Now that you are done with the engine, the fun part begins. Now we are going to design the F1 car. Remember how I said earlier that we were going to make the car body invisible, well here is how. When you are at the paint section, click All Body Panels. Then click the big picture of the paint. Then select Transparent. Go back and do the same with Windows, Exhaust, Running Gear, but let the Suspension be the defualt paint. Then select the car with a stripe on (Trim Paint Slots) under the Slots section. Do the same here.

5.2. Go to the next section where you can design your car by adding headlights and other things. Now click the gear icon (Advanced Trim Settings), then click on visibility. Now change all to Enabled, this will hide the rest of the body. We can now finally begin to design our F1 car, or whatever other car you want, but for this tutorial I am making an F1 car. I would recommend using the F1 body mod as I linked at the bottom of the article (the mod is free). Now we can begin to place the parts of the F1 car.

5.3 We are finally going to design our F1 car! Select the part you want to add, and drag it out. Now we are going to change our paint so you can actually see the parts, this menu should be on the bottom right of your screen. Add the colors you want, and repeat with the other parts you want to add. Now you should be left with an F1 car!

5.4 If you are wondering how to move the parts around, here is how. Over the paint menu, there should be a button for 2D and 3D. Press the one for 3D. Then at the left of your screen there should be a menu with a cross with arrows pointing outwards (Move), Press that button. Now you should be able to rotate and move your parts around. This can be helpfull for other builds as well.

  1. Now that we are done with the main part, we need to make sure the car actually works. You can choose what you want, but here is a list of what I recommend:

RWD, Dual Clutch 8, (Depends, but about 350 Km/h or 220 MPH), Spacing 50, Defferentials Electric LSD.
Next page: Tyre type, Semi Slicks, (Max size), (700, 20, 0), Carbon Fibre.
Next page: Carbon Ceramic 6, (Max size), 100%, Carbon Ceramiz 6, (Max size), 100%, 100.
Next page: Race Diffuser, Active Wing, Cooling Flaps, 100, 100, 100, 50. Next page: (As few seats as possible, probally one in the front), Basic, None.
Next page: Electric Variable, ABS or TC + ABS, None, 100, 50.
Next page: Active Sport, Adaptive, Passive, Race, (let it be), (What fits best).

  1. Now we are finally done, and can export it to beamng drive if you want. If you don’t want to, you are done. But if you want to export it, go ahead. But there are a few steps I want to do in beamng drive. When you are in beamng drive, spawn in your car, then press ESC and go into Vehicle config. Go to Tuning and set the downforce to max. I would also recommend to scroll down and set the ride height up to maxe to deal with the downforce.

  2. You are now done, enjoy. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask.

Mods used (all mods are free):
F1 body mod: Steam Workshop::F1 2022 Fixtures Pack (4.27) (Not very high quality)

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