This Redneck pre-ordered an electric truck

Its going to be about 3 years before I get it, but i’m on the list for a dual motor AWD.

Some of the things I particularly like is the hardened stainless steel with no paint wont get the pinstripes as easily like I have on all of my other trucks. It can lower itself down to make it easier to load. Mine will see the trails.


Sweet! Congrats - keep us posted. I disagree with all the hate surrounding the styling. I think it’s bold and futuristic - much like the Lexus LC500 is.

I’ll be honest though… based on the title I thought you were going to say you ordered a Mustang Mach-E. :grinning:


someone made a aero simulation of the car and its just INCREDIBLE how the line flows well in it, it could be like a everything car

Well there’s nothing wrong with pre-ordering, the worst that could happen is that it makes it to production :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


$100 refundable deposit: Exists

It is a tad unconventional to be sure.