This specific car keeps exporting to BeamNG without an engine

Hello everybody,

Earlier today I was re-tuning a car In order to export it back to Beam. I had already done it several times and it was fine everytime. However, from now on, everytime I export it, it seems to have no engine.

I can select it and it loads just fine, but the rev counter doesn’t appear and the car doesn’t move. I tried resetting the car, restarting both games, restarting the computer, cloning the car and exporting it under a different name - nothing seems to be working. By the way, I have no mods installed.

This issue is exclusive to this specific car, and it does not happen in any other car I export. I’m a new user so I can’t attach neither the .car file or a screenshot, but when I go to the car setings, where you can see all of its parts, there’s no category for the engine.

What can I do about this?

Edit: Here’s the car (24.8 KB)

What is the car body called? eg: BodyEditor_00sSupercarLarge_Preview

Bean 1983 Coupe:


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Thank you. I’ll take a look now, see if I can replicate your issue.

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I used the body that you have had a problem with, but I have not been able to replicate the issue.

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I suspected that. I was also able to export the car at first, but after multiple re-exports, whenever I tuned it, eventually it just broke. This car is completely normal in Automation. Every other car is also fine in Beam. I’m puzzled.

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Probably something very rare, then. It’s never happened to me before. I guess it’s some sort of glitch that only happens under incredibly specific circumstances. Sorry I couldn’t help you fix it. :smiley:

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I remember cloning the car as a backup to see if I could make it any lighter by swapping the engine, and at one point I had the 1st backup with the original engine and the clone with the new engine at the same time, with the exact same name. As soon as I exported it with the new engine, it stopped working. I got a “LUA” error message, but it didn’t cause any trouble on the Automation side of things, so I dismissed it and ignored it at first.

The sad part is that it no longer works now, no matter the name or engine I put in it. It’s dead :frowning:

Apreciate your time and effort, though! Maybe somebody else can help out on the technical side of things, as it might’ve been a specific sequence of events triggering this.

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Maybe post the car here, and someone can open it in Auto. That way whoever helps you might be able to get a better idea of what went wrong.

I’ve redone the car using the same body and engine, and the issue reappeard. It exports without errors, but as soon as I exit the game afterwards, this message quickly flashes on the screen before the game closes:

Lua Error

Error: Lua self does not contain Function Called: Save
BP CallStack
Unable to display Script Callstack. Compile with DO_BLUEPRINT_GUARD=1----------- (24.8 KB)

I can now post attachments! This is the car - As I’ve said before, I’ve replicated the car and the issue reappeard, so it must be something to do with its specific settings. Anyone capable of pinpointing exactly what went wrong?