Thought of this and I couldn't get it out of my head


Pretty bad for a first post but hey, gotta start strong.

I’ve been enjoying the game for an unhealthy amount of hours and figured I should join the community a bit more.


Welcome! People here are generally pretty nice, I think you’ll find :slight_smile:

What kinda cars have you made?

Define “unhealthy amount of hours”, I think I may qualify.

Mainly 70s-80s low end sporty cars. Hatchbacks, muscle cars, sport vans, etc.
I thought I was good at fixtures until I looked on here, heh.

And by unhealthy amount I mean 300 hours since the end of october. Ouch, hurts to say that.


Rookie numbers. 1900 hours since January 2018 :wink:

Granted, may not have been playing for that long…

Welcome to the forums, anyhow!

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Well, my hours are sure to add up with this game, gimme a couple more months!