Thruxton Circuit

Thruxton Circuit is a motor racing circuit located near the village of Thruxton in Hampshire, England. It was constructed in 1940 as RAF Thruxton: a World War II airfield which was home to both the RAF and USAAF and was used for troop-carrying aircraft and gliders, including operations during the D-Day landings, but is now a course around the same airfield. The circuit has been used to host motor racing events since 1950; with the circuit initially being used to host motorcycle races from 1950 and motor racing since 1952. Now, the BTCC, a plethora of clubs, classic and touring car championships, the Radical endurance races as well as Formula Ford are held here. Outside of motor racing, the circuit offers a driving school for aspiring racing drivers, plus is featured as the venue for BBC3’s series ‘Stars in Fast Cars’.

So, please do bring out the touring cars or whatever you want a have a good thrash around here.

The background graphic of the track is from Wikimedia.

== Changelog ==
v1 Track created. Length correct, sportiness matches real track, and has some decent racing lines!

== Download ==

:grin: Enjoy!

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