Thunderhill Raceway Park v1.1

Thunderhill Raceway Park located just outside the city of Willows in beautiful Northern California is home to racing events, lapping day events, drifting events, go kart events, driving schools, ride and drive programs, corporate events, commercials, a movie location, trade shows, weddings, receptions, car shows and swap meets. For the past 23 years it has been one of the best motorsports facility on the West Coast. The course is a fast series of twists and turns with minor elevation changes. With well maintained facilities, friendly owners and great vantage points, it is truly a track that sits in the hearts of many enthusiasts.

So, please do download, and race to your heart’s content!

== Changelog ==
v1.0 Track created, length and elevation changes all correct
v1.1 Smoothed out corners, fixed elevation inconsistency

== Download ==
Thunderhill Raceway Park

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It does. The end of the final segment is the end of the line.

YES! Awesome, thanks a ton @07CobaltGirl for your quick help. I seem to see you everywhere on these forums, you’re a bit of a celebrity :laughing:

haha not a celebrity. A pain in the ass probably, however. Your track works fine, with a few major exceptions. Turns 7 and 4 are really odd. 4 needs a lot of smoothing, and 7 needs to lose segment 22 completely, IMHO. You also need to add another segment at the end or extend segment 44 to the start/finish line. A minor note, if it were me, and it is not, I would adjust the 0 start to the middle of the start/finish line and end it there. Currently you’re starting ahead of it. For a first attempt, however, this is a great start. Mostly just some tweaking here and there for better racing lines.

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You are a heroine! I’m a little busy but I’ll try fixing it in the near future.

Next question, and it’s about slopes. Do they work like gradients on linear equations? Like this, a 100m stretch of road at 5% would be 5 meters higher at the end than at the start, correct?

Yes, slope is defined by segment on a grade, so a 100m segment with a 5% slope would end 5m higher than it started.

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New version, Thunderhill Raceway Park v1.1 released! Please do try and tell me how it is!

If you guys could do me a favour, here’s what I want you people to do. If you would, take a car that would directly compete with a car in real life. Do a lap and compare it to that. Is it realistic?

Thanks, good job! I did a couple HPDEs at this track about a decade ago, spun pretty hard coming off of turn 5 once and went into the dirt. Good times. I’m hoping to go back and run the new configuration once my car is ready. Any chance of making the new long track?

Edit: I just noticed that the car runs the course reverse of the normal direction, is that intentional? I know some events do run the track backwards but it’s still kind of unusual.

Ah, I see! So you have history here, huh.

Yeah, I didn’t know. This was the very first track I made, so I didn’t know about the different layouts. I can make the long one, sure. My problem with this track has been the elevation profile. I just can’t find any information to help me with it.

Again, first track I made, so I screwed up. You see, in Automaton, all tracks run clockwise. Thunderhill is meant to be counter-clockwise, but instead of flipping it 180 degrees I just made the car go backwards :joy: what an idiot I was. I’ll fix that too. Cheers, thanks for your support!

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I found this elevation map for the old course, maybe it will help.

And this is the new course with the extension:

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I found a great resource. has all the layouts for many many tracks around the world. Sadly the only thing missing was the elevation profile. Thanks for looking it up, but I found another way to do it.
@oppositelock I’m a little busy for the next few days, I’ll try getting out a fix before the weekend if time permits.

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