Tips for making engines with a lot of torque?


Displacement plus boost.

You should probably define “lots of torque” before you can expect a suitable answer.

No replacement for displacement.


Configuration doesn’t matter too much, just need a lot of displacement.

Big displacement, less bore more stroke. And to some extent, a low cam setting and a small exhaust.

like cobaltgirl said, what do you mean by a lot of torque? For more torque in general, bigger displacement. An engine with more torque than hp use longer stroke and a low cam profile. More torque for a small size? A fast spooling turbo with the right cam profile will do the trick.

Exactly what I was trying to get across. There are different ways of achieving the high torque. The best way is only determined by the circumstances of the application. Turbos make crazy torque, but only on the higher end. Large displacement makes high torque, but not nearly as high as turbos. Large engines don’t always react well to turbos, because higher compression ratios really chip away at the RON on larger engines. So the real question isn’t how to get high torque, but what high torque is needed? Do you just need crazy, over-the-top torque numbers? Do you want a high torque per liter? Or are you looking for a usable number in a specific type of application.

If you are going the turbo route, the main trick to getting a wide power band is (a) low boost pressure and (b) low aspect ratio. It’s one of those things you have to get a little of a feel for, though.

You can walk the walk, but can you torque the torque?


Anyway. I reccomend using VVL for engines with torque, because you can have low end pull without the sacrifice of high end performance. Set the Cam profile low and the VVL profile high. Then profit.

Nah man, if you want max torque, just BOOOOOOSCHT. And go for more valves. More valves = more mixture or something :laughing:

Also low AR ratio means the spooling up is easier, sure, but it also means the resulting boost is lower, so that’ll rob you of max torque.

  1. Displacement
  2. Good airflow (multivalve, well breathing intake and fuel system, tube headers, variable valve system)
  3. High compression ratio
  4. Relatively small, quickly spooling turbo with good intercooling
  5. Optimized cam setting; high for absolute maximum Nm, low for wide torque curve
  6. Air/ fuel ratio on the rich side