Titleguy1's new Photoshop video!

I’m bad at explaining things so you’ll get a video instead. It’s sped up 4 times, and the picture in question took me about an hour. Feel free to mute the music.

Here’s the final result.


Waaaaa-hahaha–haaaaay too much work for me. The quality is out there, but I don’t see myself spending a few hours on reflections just to make a drawing a tad more realistic. You seem to have OCD on detail :smiley:


Thanks for giving me my new desktop background.

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Excellent tutorial, you really do go all out for these pictures don’t you! Thanks for explaining (in some form at least :stuck_out_tongue: ) how you do car reflections, I’ll have to give it a try.

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Thanks for sharing this, it’s fascinating to see your methods. I’m glad to see it’s not too different from the way I’ve recently started doing mine. But I’ll have to try out a thing or two from this :wink:

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