TMCC24 - "VROOM" (AGC9 Redux)

the faces on the cars will likely discourage people

They will stare into your soul

Say hi to Reggie

Reggie’s nervous face is because he’s recently tried meth___anol fuel and liked it, and is a little worried that it might become a problem.


Since you don’t need to make a car that looks like cars from cars, you can make the lights become the eyes, the mouth would be the hardest part though

Presenting “The Moustache” Some type of action hero…


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Meet Thunder McKing

His face is like that because he is getting overtaken by rookies



Say hello to Sydney, she's a V8 Supercar


She looks like a V8 Supercar, but she’s not out of place among the prototypes, GTs and stock cars I’m expecting to fill the entrant list. Well done!


thanks abg :smile:

Closing date for this is tomorrow if anyone is contemplating entering for some reason.

This is Jan the rallycrosser

Jan has a temper. Jan is of enlightened ethanol enjoyer.
As E100 isn’t allowed in most events, he has a secret tank for it.
He intensely dislikes ads, but grudgingly agreed to stan for some shady adblock company to pay the (mostly “medical”) bills. Tends to get a bit heated when racing and frequently hits his head. Actually he’s a nice guy, just don’t annoy him.
Why so angry? Today some kurwa put sugar in his tank to “cheer him up”. So he put on his tarmac shoes to chase him down.

Prone to mood swings


Introducing Jacques Carmille. The up and coming racer has come out on top in the French Rally Championship this past season and has been given a shot to try his best at the Crankshaft Championships. Does this little hatchback have what it takes to take on the world?


Right I’ll class this as closed now, since I conveniently didn’t put a time for the end just a date.

I’ve already starting assembling some of a post so results shouldn’t take me too long.

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Idk why but Thunder McKing and Jacques Carmille seems to fit so well together

Results and Rankings

These won’t be massively long writeups as there is only design to talk about on each car so I hope no one is too upset over the brief summaries.

. 6

@Lanson “Reggie”

The overall design is a bit on the plain side, the aesthetic is good though just could do with a bit more going on, and maybe some kind of simple livery.

The face design I like. The eyes fit the windscreen well but maybe the eyebrows could do with some more depth, perhaps 3D them outwards a bit i dunno. Mouth has good depth to it with a kind of smirk going on. Overall solid effort.

. 5

@Jaimz68 “Kenny Boi #43

I really appreciate the effort that has gone into some of this design. The way the wheels and the engine stick out of cut-outs is really quite good. The livery is a bit simple but the fact it has a recognisable racing design helps a lot, just maybe needs a bit more coherence with the way colours are used together on certain fixtures.

I can’t lie the face is a tad on the creepy side, the eyes sticking out like they do remind me of the meme with the guy poking his eyeballs out. The body does have a strange shaped cabin so i can see you’ve worked with what is there though, maybe the rounded shape could have lent itself to being more of a racing helmet design. The grille fixtures used for the mouth and nose work well together, in fact it’s the only car with what I could recognise as nose.

. 4

@04mmar “Thunder McKing”

Choosing between third and fourth was pretty difficult as they are quite different car styles, both with a really nice look.
The car and livery design here is very solid, some flashing decals not withstanding. The black sections of the livery work well with the black eye areas to hide the actual windscreen area and make it more fluid.

. 3

@Ludvig “Jan”

Really cool car design, sort of a rally car or street racer vibe. The colour choices work extremely well together and the use of red windows looks a lot better than you might think it does.
The actual “face” on the car is kind of on the bare side, but the eye shapes actually work really well to give the car presence. I do think it has more of an “evil” look to it, maybe this would work better as the antagonist car instead of the hero character.

Weirdly this car also has rather a nice interior, i assume maybe it was halfway to being used in another challenge

. 2

@Maverick74 “Jacques Carmille”

I really like the fact the livery has been used to tell everyone quite how French this character is. The design has also been done very cleanly too.
The face is well executed, the smirking mouth with the slightly visible tongue and teeth is great.

. 1

@the-chowi “Sydney”

Extremely solid design overall, the colours and livery shapes are great. I love the extended arches and side skirts.
Face looks really good, the eyes are a little bit on the “dazed” look but it’s probably just the direction they are facing that’s doing that. The mouth design is decent enough, not the best mouth here but certainly up there. Only knock I have is the fact the headlight area looks like it has another set of closed eyes in it.


Niiiice, a W, thanks
I’ll get working on the next round


@mart1n2005 , thanks for running this…and not putting me last! :rofl:

Congratulations to Sydney!


Jan can into 3rd place
Good job with the pink & baby blue livery. Sydney looks like she knows something we don’t…
Thanks for hosting, the interior stems from it being based on the Obligatory Racing Trim clone of my QFC11 entry.


talk about a quick turnaround huh

also thanks again for hosting @mart1n2005

Man… 4th place, i thought i can into 3rd, oh well, better lick next time