TMCC24 - "VROOM" (AGC9 Redux)

TMMC24 - “VROOM” (AGC9 Redux)

Right then, pretty much three years ago to the day I hosted what was probably the lowest turn out AGC, and possibly any challenge tbh. However I haven’t learnt my lesson and with the advent of 3D and now having at least a year now of people getting to grips with it I think this challenge can be tried again.

Also I am basically doing the rules word for word.

The Brief

Vroom is the latest big summer animated kids film. It follows the life of insert name a racing driver that has fallen off the pace lately and is trying to improve themselves in time for the Crankshaft Championships which is the most watched race in the world, it is the race to be involved in if you want to be noticed. They go back to their small home town during the summer to see their old friends who all team up to train the hero to get to full fitness. The big twist in all of this is, all the characters in the world are living cars.

The Rules




  • Year is 2018 so make that the trim and variant years

  • Make a “hero” car for this film, obviously goes without saying this should be come kind of racing car. The type of racing is up to you, but make it make sense.

  • The car does need to be stylised though, not just a normal car but one for a kids film. You know the look that is required at this point.

  • Do not worry about technical specs, this is design only.

  • naming scheme is: Model name: TMCC24 - (your username)
    Trim name: name of character
    Engine name: TMCC24 - (your username)
    Engine trim: anything you like

  • Submissions: pictures in thread and .car sent in a PM

  • opening date is 14 January 2023 - closing date is 28 January 2023

  • There are barely any rules but until the opening time feel free to ask anything


any specific year this is set in?

Good question, hadn’t really thought about it. Let’s say 2018


so am I ok to just make a car without a face because otherwise, this is gonna become a nightmare horrorshow real quick

Not really, that’s kinda the point tbh. It’s just a racing car then

Say hello to Kenny Boi #43


This is open now, hopefully some more interest

the faces on the cars will likely discourage people

They will stare into your soul

Say hi to Reggie

Reggie’s nervous face is because he’s recently tried meth___anol fuel and liked it, and is a little worried that it might become a problem.


Since you don’t need to make a car that looks like cars from cars, you can make the lights become the eyes, the mouth would be the hardest part though

Presenting “The Moustache” Some type of action hero…


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Meet Thunder McKing

His face is like that because he is getting overtaken by rookies



Say hello to Sydney, she's a V8 Supercar


She looks like a V8 Supercar, but she’s not out of place among the prototypes, GTs and stock cars I’m expecting to fill the entrant list. Well done!


thanks abg :smile:

Closing date for this is tomorrow if anyone is contemplating entering for some reason.

This is Jan the rallycrosser

Jan has a temper. Jan is of enlightened ethanol enjoyer.
As E100 isn’t allowed in most events, he has a secret tank for it.
He intensely dislikes ads, but grudgingly agreed to stan for some shady adblock company to pay the (mostly “medical”) bills. Tends to get a bit heated when racing and frequently hits his head. Actually he’s a nice guy, just don’t annoy him.
Why so angry? Today some kurwa put sugar in his tank to “cheer him up”. So he put on his tarmac shoes to chase him down.

Prone to mood swings


Introducing Jacques Carmille. The up and coming racer has come out on top in the French Rally Championship this past season and has been given a shot to try his best at the Crankshaft Championships. Does this little hatchback have what it takes to take on the world?


Right I’ll class this as closed now, since I conveniently didn’t put a time for the end just a date.

I’ve already starting assembling some of a post so results shouldn’t take me too long.

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