Tokyo Motor Show 2019

New CThousandR family is here, introducing the C1000R.

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Quick reminder that this show will be starting in 12 days.

Hope to see you there!

3 Likes is coming soon to Tokyo.

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ClassicWork’s first ever autoshow debut is coming to Tokyo. Stay tuned.



H3X by Kimura. Envisioning the next-generation sports car for the near future.

Find out more at the official Kimura website.


The H3X just made me forgo my usual prejudices about three-cylinder engines in sports cars - it reminds me of a front-engined i8.

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I made this car in 1 hour spare time; it’s good as is but there’s another prototype and concept of the car coming soon!



Tokyo Motor Show 2019 Pre-Show Coverage

Hello! My name is William Wong and welcome to the pre-show coverage of the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. I always go to the Tokyo Motor Show as my go-to car exhibition show and I am very excited to finally do a coverage of this. Anyways, here we go!

Saminda has shown us a teaser of the new C1000R. It was announced to be a kei-sports car for the Japanese market. I used to own a 2006 Saminda C2000R and I thought that it was really good, apart from them ‘ahem’ recalls ‘ahem’. I hope the C1000R will not dissapoint the CThousandR family.

Classicworks have released a teaser for its retro GT car and I got to say, it looks very retro. Especially with the classic style rims. But also keeping up with the times with what I assume are light blue LED headlights.

Fugitso has released a teaser. But its showing the Fugitso Leopard. I don’t know if this is a new version of the Leopard or they just want attend the motor show to showcase their car…

Next up is the H3X Concept by Kimura and my god that is striking. With its futuristic styling, pink colours, crazy looking rims and its futuristic and minimalistic interior makes it very hard to avoid. It is a 300HP concept sports car. But wait, it uses a turbocharged Inline 3 and an electric motor to produce the numbers. It can even get 55mpg! Can’t wait for the production version in the near future.

Ursula with something that I cannot see. Just LED headlights. Just from the front, it is already different from its usual design language. I wonder how that lights blend in with the Ursula grille…

Who could ever forget Maesima and Sachiuri, the automakers that were created from the communist era of Anikatia. Yet, they build one of the most beautiful cars I’ve ever seen. The teaser shows what looks like the back of a compact hatchback. I would like to replace my Hokuto Ayuma minivan with something a bit smaller. Let’s see about this…

Al-Rubaay is coming to the show with this L’Petite FX. It looks like a mini-crossover with its roof rack.

Tanaka is coming to the Tokyo Motor Show with this. I might assume this to be the next generation Atlantis, the mid-size sedan. Following the new design renaissance of Tanaka, it is now a hatchback design. The front looks to be similar from the recently-released Aventis from the Frankfurt Auto Show. This might be another candidate to replace my Hokuto Ayuma minivan.

That’s all the teasers so far. I will be coming to the show on the 22nd of October and might potentially review some cars. But I don’t know about that. Anyways, this has been William Wong and I’m out!


No longer true today - according to the companies’ lore, the Anikatian socialist government collapsed around two decades ago, and a democratic one took its place soon afterwards.

Oh, I meant to say that. I’ll fix it…




2020 榛名イセカイトラック誕生日!



Meet Saminda's new roadster - the C1000R.

The C1000R is the second model under the ‘‘CthousandR’’ family, Saminda said it will be exclusively available in Japanese Domestic Market only.

It’s called C1000R, but it’s not what it looks like

The C2000R is one of the fastest hot hatch in the world and yes it has lots of technology, with just a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine it produces 368bhp and 400nm of torque thanks to it hybrid system, and you might think the C1000R would also have some fancy technology on it right?

Sadly, the rumours of it having a 1.1-liter inline-3 turbocharged engine with hybrid system is false, Saminda said that the C1000R is under Kei car category and it will be strictly under it regulations, so powering the C1000R is just a 660cc 3-cylinder turbocharged engine produces 63bhp, it will be offered in 6-speed manual transmission or a CVT.

Fred not, the C1000R will handles like what a CthousandR should be

‘‘Eventhough the C1000R is a kei car, it has CthousandR blood on it and it will handle like how a CthousandR should be’’ said Tako Nashita, project leader of the C1000R.

Coming soon in Q1 2020

Pricing have not been announced but it will be the most expensive kei car to offer.


Kurokama 2020

Kurokama has few things ready for the two twenties. Starting with expanded line of our mist sold car, the SC. (We will unveil some more things, stay tuned)
A 1.6 naturally aspirated four cylinder will be available as option for the C trim.
And whole new trim will be vailable in the line.

The A iRS
This new, sportier version of the sedan will feature :
Suspension by 9-Kitsune Performance
New 2.2 turbo engine developed specifically for the car. It has 250Hp and makes 275nm of power, with table curve.
A sportier kit with rear wing to add some to the looks of the car.
Also, it has new rims available only on the A iRS.

We tried best to keep what is associated with the SC - fuel economy. Even at those figures, you can still expect fuel consumption less that 5.5L/100Km combined, with wide efficiency band.

Now, the image of the A iRS (The one closer to us) and the regular A after some testing.