Too much boost in BeamNG?

Hi all,

I’ve seen complaints of exported cars having less boost than intended, but if the gauge is to be believed , I’m getting more than i should be under these conditions.

This is an 88mpg economy car, thanks to the outlandish VVL profile and the fact the turbo is the size of a Walnut whip, you can see that boost falls away very quickly above the “green band”, yet here i am in the Sim still making 6.5 psi at nearly 4800rpm.

On the other hand, this is as fast as it can go in Beam, Automation says it should do 93,6 in 6th gear.

Does automation show the sum of intake vs exhaust manifold backpressure in that yellow line, is that the reason for the discrepancy.

BTW, on an unrelated note, i can’t keep this thing on the road , despite Automation complaining that the car is underpowered and that its rear tyres are oversized. Am I just a terrible driver, or does it handle like a pig?

Car here

In Automation you have selected “Bar” option and in BeamNgDrive you selected “PSI”.
Psi to Bar Conversion Table
Psi [psi] Bar
0.01 psi 0.0006894757 bar
0.1 psi 0.0068947573 bar
1 psi 0.0689475729 bar
2 psi 0.1378951459 bar
3 psi 0.2068427188 bar
5 psi 0.3447378647 bar
10 psi 0.6894757293 bar
20 psi 1.3789514586 bar
50 psi 3.4473786466 bar
100 psi 6.8947572932 bar
1000 psi 68.9475729318 bar
Games are actually correct.
Beamngdrive have different Aerodynamics calculating system.
If you don’t see Bar and PSI here you can see
You see differences between PSI and Bar?

Thanks for the conversion table, but i was aware of the difference in units. The issue is that in Beam, that car makes 6.5psi from about 2000rpm or whatever it spools at, to the redline. According to the screenshot from Automation, boost pressure should start to drop once 3800 rpm is exceeded, so in that second shot you’d expect about half as many PSI as were found 2500 to 3500.

Idk how to solve your boost problem but speed problem is easy to solve.
Just set gravity to Mars and your cars should hit automation max speed.

Beam and automation have different methods for calculating boost and power so this is probably why :slight_smile: