Top Mule Dragster Help

Any tips with top mule dragster… still can’t reach platinum :confused: Maybe it’s my boggy scenario, but any tips and help will be appreciated :smiley:


It’s difficult to help if you don’t tell us what you have tried so far as a starting point. I won’t post a Platinum walkthrough. And having Gold (I suppose you do) is pretty good already, isn’t it?

true… it’s just as much as I try I can’t get the extra 6 points. Do I need turbos or anything other than a single overhead camshaft I should really be asking. I’m so close to getting platinum on every scenario you see, and it’ll be an achievement to do so, yet I still have five or six to complete :slight_smile:

Platinum is possible with or without turbo. I have a naturally aspirated version with SOHC-4 here (2133 points), but turbos can achieve a higher score.

I’ll give it a go with turbos then :smiley: