Top Speed Limit

So I builded a beast of a car with around 3.300 hp. It is a top speed build but I can’t pass 520kmh which sucks cus I know that engine is not the limiting factor cus I literally see it on graphs that it’s only using 2.400 hp while it’s at 520 kmh and it’s not using the boost as well. Is there a limiter for the cars in the game. Btw I test cars in beamng because automation generally shows wrong. If anyone wants the car file I can send thru discord.

Automation doesn’t “show wrong”. The calculations used by both games are different.


I would test your gearing, if it’s not using the boost, it’s not at the right rpm. There is a speed limiter in the .jbeam, sometimes it affects things sometimes not. Other things could be that the engine is overheating / turbo overheat so it doesn’t work well in beam, not much you can do about that apart from more jbeam editing.


Oh okay I didnt know that

I can send the files from discord if you want

Check you didn’t damage the engine at all doing top speed runs, I’ve made many high hp engines that burn out their turbos so only pull full power for a few seconds.

How do you check that? I was not even aware that the turbo could burn out on beam.

It’s a damage marker like when you damage a bumper. The turbo image flashes.

It’s not the case cus I changed the enviromental temperature to -120 Celsius and it didn’t changed anything.

Why would that change it? If the engine is making a tonne of the heat and the radiator is too small, it’s going to roast itself regardless. Just do a run and see if the damage indicator comes up and flashes yellow or red

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that’s not the case as well the engine is not overheating in any circumstances you really work hard to overheat that engine. But I get the turbo overheating warning which is not showing up at -120 celsius. Plus when I push more air into the engine(for cooling) it makes the car slower somehow even though the engine is not maxing out.

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Btw nice info but thats not the case you can look my reply to kyuu77 if you want detailed info.

This is a drag issue. The engine will have different beam stats from Automation, but it goes down from it’s beam maximum if the turbo burns out.

Ok, thanks for the help. Btw I think they should make it so we can use the maximum potential of w16.