Torque/Gearbox Data Export

I’ve done a search of this and so far the only thing I’ve found regarding exporting stuff from Automation is 3D models to drive/race in.

While this would be a great feature to have I understand that it would take a serious amount of time to program, and considerably longer to fine-tune for consistent results.

As the release of Rfactor 2 (and of course, Automation) come closer I’ve been trying to satisfy a craving for both genres by racing in my own series on Rfactor 1. Currently I’m using the default F3 that comes with rF and have allowed for various levels of braking, down force and drag for each team, as well as providing 4 different engines. Personally I think 20 unique cars makes for more exciting season that 20 identical ones. Especially with the AI Rfactor uses…

Creating this hasn’t been easy. While there are free tools available to write new engine, tire and gearbox files I feel that they require additional input to get right. As an example, my first test saw every car (self included) spin off at the first corner, because the engines were unloading buckets of torque when off-throttle. This was happening so high in the rev-range that heel-and-toe breaking wasn’t enough to counter it!

To cut a long story short, I’ve got a spreadsheet to work out how the torque graphs should look and I can input the torque data straight into a file and it will give me accurate BHP. It’s complicated, takes ages and in the end doesn’t work out too well in the sim, and that’s before I gotten to balancing them with the other engines in the series, or working with the gear ratios, which I don’t have tools for!

I’ve seen the engine demos you guys have put up on Youtube and I love how you can tinker with the engine construction, timings etc and output an accurate torque graph. Would it be possible to export the torque data to something we can use? Say a text file, or excel doc. Heck, even a .jpg of the graph with axis labels would work for me! Would it be possible to do the same for gearboxes?

If we can’t race our own cars (just yet), at least let us race our own engines! :smiley:


I too had been wondering why there isn’t any export in torque/gearbox data the way 3d models have. It seems that the real reason is not just time but because of the consistent need to fine tune for optimal results. Furthermore, the tools we have apparently aren’t going to do it without sufficient input.

Yep, should be entirely possible to export all that data at some point in the future