Torque limits too low for turbocharged engines?

With the latest open beta patch, each transmission type now has a specified torque limit. However, it seems that this value was set too low to account for the greater torque from turbocharged engines. Here’s an example:

The torque limit is 250 lb-ft, and when coupled to an engine that makes 300 lb-ft of torque, it imposes a reliability penalty. This is probably justified for realism’s sake, but I still think the torque limits should be increased for all transmission types (compared to naturally aspirated engines) if they are fitted to turbocharged engines.

well you still can use it, but you get a reliability hit… is fine by me imo.

I consider that an acceptable trade-off, even with extremely high torque levels.

and the thing is the most modern times the higher the torque limit, kinda makes sense, because there were cars before that would have transmissions not 100 percent compatible with their strong engines… anyway one thing I dont feel would feel correct, is having a diferent limit for turbos, since torque is torque independent of origin.


Yes, the penalty for turbos seems to be a bit harsh, however, gearbox torque limits are in gerneral a good and realistic idea.

Traditionally (in the game) torque is directly linked to vehicle weight increase, to account for a stronger gearbox and differentials. The current limits seem rather low though, you end up with quality spam even for moderately powerful engines.
Combined with the emissions whack-a-mole minigame it gets annoying sometimes.


I believe the limit is tied with displacement of engine, and the year of the trim of the car