Torque Steer & Boxer Engines

Hello all,

Long time fan, first post.

I’m not sure if these two topics have been covered at all yet so excuse me if I have re-used the wheel here folks.

  1. I was wondering if torque-steer has been thought about within the final statistics of the car designer ? Obviously we
    all know placing a certain amount of horse power through the two front wheels has it’s limitations without some neat little
    suspension engineering. If so, how do we plan to calculate the engine torque to a measurable handling statistic that would have an overall bearing on our new cars performance rating ? If not, then at least I have given you something else to think about. (Not that you need any more of course)

  2. Have we thought about implementing boxer engines at all ?

Can’t wait to get my hands on the car designer, keep up the excellent work !


About torque steering: that’s something we’ll think about, yes.
Boxers: sure, Flat-4 and Flat-6 engines will be in! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply Rob,

I’m guessing that there will be measures to counter act torque steer at an expense to the overall build price of the vehicle?

Well that’s good news about boxer engines, although with the amount of work you have left to do they are probably down the list of priority.


Indeed they are a bit low in priority, but from what I have seen so far in this rather ambitious project, I’d expect that they can be done during one of the many instances where Caswal and I are implementing/balancing/testing game mechanics. Also, I guess he’d rather do a boxer than V16s after he’s done with both V12s and V6s. :smiley: First things first though, you’ll definitely see the car designer demo released before you see boxer engines.