Torrent Motors

Revised some of my earlier car with new tail lights. This is the mid-sizer, the Torrent Frigate B6.


Torrent Slipstream compact sedan. Powered by a boxer 4 and 6 in the sportier models.


Torrent Executive full sizer. Powered by a TT Boxer 6 or a turbo 4.75L V8.


Does the Frigate share any engines (or even a platform) with the Slipstream and/or Executive? And are they FWD, RWD, or AWD? Anyway, it’s not a bad start, but you need to seriously consider improving the fixture proportions. Even so, making these with nothing but vanilla fixtures (no mods!) is a brave task. You will need mods if you want to rework them into more complex designs, though - the workshop has quite a lot of them for 4.2. Speaking of which, did you make these in the open beta build (LCV4.2.30 as of now)?